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Air conditioning for a conservatory you are having built

Having conservatory air conditioning installed when you build your conservatoryIf you are having a new conservatory installed, then you’ve just made one of the smartest decisions ever when it comes to adding extra comfort and space to your home as well as adding to the value of your property.

A conservatory is a great selling point for any property but, most of all, it’s a living area that you can enjoy in comfort for years to come and is a link to the outdoors that you’ll never tire of. One thing to bear in mind is that the temperature of conservatories can vary enormously, depending on the weather. In summer, your conservatory can start to feel hot and stifling like a sauna and in winter it can be cold and uninviting.

Adding a conservatory is a considerable investment and you want to make the most of this attractive addition to your home. The ideal way to ensure that you can enjoy the conservatory whatever the weather, is to install air conditioning. If you are having your conservatory built at the moment, or are planning to build one soon, now is the perfect time to consider air conditioning.

Conservatory Climate Control

Air conditioning will cool your conservatory in spring and summer and heat it in the autumn and winter months. You will be able to control the temperature to what you find comfortable, converting this room into an everyday space you can enjoy to its full instead of just using it occasionally, when it’s not too hot or too cold outside.

At Sub Zero Climate Control Sheffield, we provide the most advanced conservatory air conditioning units on the market today, to households across the UK. We’ve spent the last ten years researching the most cost-effective way of heating and cooling a conservatory and we are confident we’ve found the perfect solution.

Our products, which include state-of-the-art inverter systems are able to cool and heat air up to 300% more efficiently than a standard, costlier heating system. Using innovative technology and the latest air source heat pumps, we can help you to reduce your overall heating bill and our units are also environmentally friendly. See

Whether your conservatory is large or small, we can provide the ideal system to regulate temperature so that you never need to consider the weather again before using your new conservatory.

Based in Rotherham and operating throughout Yorkshire and the rest of the UK, we have many years of experience and can offer you a free, no obligation quote on air-conditioning for your new or existing conservatory.

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