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Adding air conditioning to an existing conservatory

Add Air Conditioning to your existing conservatoryYour conservatory is the place you’ve chosen to be able to relax, kick back and enjoy the sunshine – not just in summer but at the right moments throughout the year. Of course, long summer days and bright sunshine can often lead to your conservatory overheating, becoming both stuffy and uncomfortable.

The simple answer to make your conservatory the pleasant escape you want it to be, is to add a modern air conditioning system. Not only will it help you to control those hottest days, but also to regulate the rapid cooling that often happens when winter sunshine quickly turns to evening frosts. Find out much more about conservatory air conditioning.

Seeking conservatory AC help from the professionals

Adding air conditioning to your conservatory needs both thought and planning. It’s important to seek expert advice, and that’s where our Sub Zero free site consultation and quotation service is at its best. One of our expert air conditioning team will arrange a convenient time to visit and assess your conservatory. Key factors such as its location, how it was constructed, and the materials used, will help us decide the solution to best allow you extended comfortable use of this valuable room within your home.

We’ll advise you of the options, including whether your system should also have a heat option, perfect for removing the chill on winter mornings when the sun is low. We will also offer helpful advice as to how the system should best be maintained and operated to help you control not only your conservatory temperature but, importantly, those costs.

Two other considerations are the noise levels. Some of the more modern systems are getting close to silent running at the level of power required to both heat and cool your conservatory. As you would expect, this is usually higher than for a standard bedroom or lounge in your home, with its much lower level of reflective glass. Find out more about domestic air conditioning.

Taking that vital first step to a cool conservatory

Imagine the increased pleasure your conservatory will offer you when you can control the intense summer heat and mitigate the sharp winter chill. It truly becomes a year-round room – from late-evening sunset relaxation with a glass of wine to winter morning coffee as the sun reluctantly rises. Contact our Sub Zero team to discuss your conservatory air conditioning needs. As the experts in home air conditioning in Sheffield and nearby, we are always ready to organise that free home consultation.

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