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Air conditioning in your Conservatory: Too hot, too cold, or just right?

Conservatory AC Unit

Regulating temperature in conservatories can seem like an impossible task, as the glass not only magnifies the sun’s rays on hot days, but also allows rapid cooling during night as well as the winter months. However, with the right air conditioning system for your conservatory, maintaining a pleasant temperature is more than possible.

As with any product, what you get out of your air conditioning system will depend on what you’re willing to invest in it. A reliable conservatory air conditioning system can be purchased from around £995. Maintenance costs will vary depending on usage and regularity of routine cleaning procedures. Frequent checks to ensure that filters do not become clogged, and replacing them when they do, will greatly reduce such costs. This will usually need to be replaced a few times a year, thought it depends on how regularly they are used. A well-maintained air conditioning unit is a unit you can rely on.

That’s all very well, but will your air system be capable of heating your conservatory in the winter? Thankfully, as long as you choose a model with a heat pump, the answer is yes. While many people choose not to use their conservatories once it gets cold outside, the option to enjoy the winter sunshine is there. Having the ability to warm your conservatory is also highly practical for combating cooling in the evenings.

Conservatory Air Con Unit Considerations

Choosing an air conditioning unit for your conservatory can often seem confusing, as the power required to heat or cool a room of the same size as your conservatory would be considerably less. Multiplying the size of the room, measured in square metres, by 0.25 will give the power, measured in kilowatts, required to heat and cool your conservatory all year round. If, for example, the conservatory in question had an area of 14 square metres, a 3.5 kW system would be ideal for all heat regulation purposes.

Another concern many conservatory owners have about choosing an air conditioning system is the noise level. While older models can be quite loud, many manufacturers now pride themselves on the near silence of their systems. Recent developments in technology mean that the conservatory air conditioning systems on the market today are quieter and more efficient than ever. If your conservatory is ever too hot or too cold, an air conditioning unit with a heat pump may be the way to get it just right.

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