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Competition Closed - Find out how to enter the next one!!!

If you would like to find out when our next competition is please like our facebook page.

Previous competition

Our fantastic competition is no ordinary prize entry competition.....No instead of the chance to win just one prize you also have a guaranteed prize that every participant wins too!! Hurry Competition Closes 11:59pm Wednesday 18th December

The first prize is a £50 Marks and Spencer gift voucher

As well as this extremely useful first prize we also have a guaranteed prize for all participants which is related to air conditioning. Now air conditioning is usually something people only think about in the summer when houses or offices get unbearably hot, BUT......


A secret about our guaranteed prize

As mentioned people normally don't think about air conditioning in the winter but this is exactly the best time to think about air conditioning. AND here comes the secret.....the best deals on air conditioning can be found in the winter months!!!

Our guaranteed prize however is a 10% discount on any domestic air conditioning installation before 1st July 2014. Therefore you can have your winter best deal in the summer months all for just entering our competition for FREE!!! Don't forget you also have the chance to win a £50 Marks and Spencer Voucher too.

Sorry Competition now closed

If you would like to find out when our next competition is please like our facebook page.


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