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Why Maintenance is Important

Maintenance, servicing, and repairs are an important part of running an efficient, cost effective air conditioning system. Many building owners and homeowners leave air conditioning maintenance to chance and then find they need expensive repairs or even an air conditioning system upgrade.

Now there is legislation requiring commercial air conditioning system owners to have a five yearly inspection, it makes economical and environmental sense to have your air conditioning units serviced.

Routine servicing helps to maintain your system at peak performance, maximum efficiency, life span, and safety. An understanding of what can go wrong and why maintenance matters, will clearly show why regular servicing is important.

Refrigerant leaks

Freon is the refrigerant used in many old air conditioners. While this is perfectly safe, when the air conditioning system develops a leak, there is a risk that Freon, as a chlorofluorocarbon will damage the ozone layer if not carefully dealt with. Regular servicing identifies any leaks before they become hazardous and a professional air conditioning engineer is qualified to deal with this situation and can handle the Freon, patch any refrigerant leaks and replace the leaked coolant. A leak is harmful to the environment, and your air conditioning system will be more expensive to run.

Dirty evaporator coils

Dirty evaporator coils prevent effective heat transfer. When debris, dust, and other particles build up on the surface of the evaporator coils, they are not able to generate cold air as efficiently. This inefficiency means the air conditioner unit has to run more to keep the same cool temperature using more energy and costing more money. As part of regular servicing, professional cleaning of the evaporator coils ensures your air conditioner is performing efficiently. All of our qualified air conditioning engineers have the specialist tools and skill to clean the evaporator coils properly without damage to your cooling system. Ideally, evaporator coil cleaning needs to be performed annually for the most efficient cooling and low energy bills

Bent condenser fins

Air conditioner condensers are equipped with fins to radiate heat faster and make the air conditioning system work more efficiently. Condensers are at high risk of damage because they are located in the exterior part of the unit. Fallen branches, hailstones, animals are all capable of bending the fins on your condenser. Bent fins have an impact on the performance of the system so it is wise to have them checked out as part of routine maintenance where any damage can be repaired by one of our highly qualified air conditioning engineers. The fins are very delicate and can only be repaired by means of a special comb tool, which is why it is a job left to the professionals.

It can be easy to overlook routine maintenance and servicing but it is important not to miss an annual service to protect your investment and to make sure your system is energy efficient, environment friendly and running at peak performance. Contact us to discuss our maintenance packages and list of services we can offer you.
In the end, preventative maintenance will save you money.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 14th of May, 2012