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When installing air-conditioning gets a little tricky!

Installing an air conditioning unit is never easy work. But when you need to get a helicopter involved you know it’s not just any old installation! When the people in charge of the Syracuse Carousel Centre in the New York State, USA, decided upon replacing their huge, ageing air conditioning and heating system, they knew they had a hell of a job on their hands. And a team of engineers simply wasn`t going to fit the bill.

While many installations require a few workers, this installation required the help of a Sikorsky S-58T chopper, not only to deliver the new air conditioning units but to also help carry the old ones away. The helicopter spent a whole hour hovering above the centre, as the teams involved carefully scheduled the installation to make sure there was minimal danger with the weather, wind and timing all watched over by the local government.

The helicopter was taken out of action before the process in order to allow it to de-ice and therefore be in perfect condition for the job, with temperatures bitterly cold in that part of the world right now. Just before the break of dawn, at roughly 5am, the team below carefully coordinated the process, with electric wires and other obstacles also providing hazards as well as the ice and wind.

Three hours later it was time to rev up the chopper, with the helicopter team taking to the skies at around 8am. With the air crane chewing through over 120 gallons of fuel per hour, time was of the essence. The giant air conditioning units, that weigh in excess of 1700 kilograms, were carefully loaded onto purpose-built platforms using forklift trucks, ready to be lifted into the building from above. The helicopter then lifted them away, gently lowering them down, guided by another team situated on the roof of the centre.

It was then time to lug away the 20 year old units that had provided cool air for people within the centre for so long and place them upon the same trucks that had delivered the new units. With each airlift taking just over three minutes, the whole job was completed in a remarkable time of 60 minutes! Rather quicker than the first time they did the same thing way back in 1990. Technology has certainly moved on a bit since then, and no longer are we restricted to the slow process conducted by cranes!

Naturally at Sub Zero, we won’t be partaking in any large scale installations of this type, but if you’re looking for an air conditioning unit in your home, office or shop, or simply a servicing of your existing system, then you can rely on us. We won’t be needing any helicopters for that!

Posted in: Latest News - On: 24th of January, 2012