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What Air Conditioning Contractors Do

We thought we would tell you a little bit about what air conditioning engineers and contractors do and the services we can provide for anyone considering air conditioning or combined air conditioning and heating systems in and around Yorkshire. It covers a wide array of topics and we have to deal with many aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

We are specialist contractors that offer sales and installation of air conditioning and heating systems along with servicing, maintenance, and after sales. We include design and planning, estimates and quotations, calculations, site surveys and specialise in systems for residential, retail, commercial and specialist properties. Beyond comfort cooling for people we also offer solutions for clean rooms, computer rooms and other areas that require a bespoke service.

We offer all of the top HVAC brands because we are confident in the performance, reliability, and integrity of the products and their manufacturers. We stock well-known names such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Daikin Air conditioners. Because we stock hand picked manufacturers it enables us to provide the perfect solution for your needs and this is a great benefit for our customers. Air conditioning systems perform a simple function yet there are many components such as wiring, refrigerants, control panels, and remote controls. Our engineers training and qualifications enable them to perform the total installation process to the highest standards.

We keep up to date on all innovations in energy-efficient design and performance
so that we can offer our clients advanced energy and cost saving solutions. With legislation requiring non-residential premises to have a five yearly air conditioning inspection, we consider it our duty to provide systems that not only conform to the legislation but also exceed it.

As responsible contractors, we offer fully guaranteed work and there will be a manufacturers warranty as well which may vary depending on manufacturer. Many manufacturers will offer an extended warranty as part of their service. We will also provide you with a tailor made routine maintenance and service schedule at a reasonable cost, which will ensure the longevity of your new system, and keep it running efficiently and economically.

The features and specifications of air-conditioning units are many and there are differences in unit types and installation types. We deal with cassette units that are specifically designed to be fitted in rooms with ceiling voids, ducted systems, floor systems, ventilation systems, high wall units and the various controls for each. We will perform a complete analysis of all the component parts of the system that are required for your tailored solution.

The air conditioning systems we supply are an investment for the future and offer outstanding benefits once installed. This is why we go the extra mile to provide systems that will offer you the most in the long term and give you efficiency and cost savings too. Contact Sub Zero Climate Control in Yorkshire today for your free quote and rest assured that should you use us we will give you the best service possible.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 21st of August, 2012