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Another place you can find Sub Zero Climate Control is in Barnsley. We service the whole of Barnsley and surrounding areas with air conditioning installations, maintenance and repair services. We enjoy working in this great Yorkshire town, having completed many residential and commercial projects here.

Many people have pre-conceived ideas about Barnsley but there is so much to see and do in this area and it is an ideal base for exploring other parts of Yorkshire too. Barnsley is situated in South Yorkshire on the river Dearne. It is conveniently situated for Leeds and Sheffield with a population of around 74,000 people. The economy of the area was originally focussed on coal mining and glass making. There is still a plant for coke and a glassworks, but these industries sadly went out of business in the twentieth century.

Barnsley was established in 1086 and had a population of around 200 at the time. Over time, the town grew and the 1100’s saw a new town planned on the intersection of three roads. The funding came from the monetary of St. John, Pontefract. ON this town site was built a chapel dedicated to St. Mary and a market. In the 1200’s a charter was granted for weekly markets to be held on Wednesdays with a four day Michaelmas Fair. This tradition of market day and Michaelmas Fair continues today.

The location of Barnsley was extremely convenient and the seventeenth century established Barnsley as a resting place between Leeds and London so the economy was thriving. The through traffic brought industry to Barnsley and it was one of the great centres of linen weaving throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Coalmines were excavated and the coal processed in the town and glassmaking factories set up and grew into a thriving economy that made Barnsley famous. The last coal mine ceased to function in 1994 but there are still two glass-making factories in business.

On the tourist trail for the visitor are the beautiful forty-acre Wentworth Castle Gardens where the display of magnolias, rhododendrons, and camellias are spectacular. Also worth seeing is the Cawthorne Jubilee Museum full of Victoriana.

The Spencers were one of the leading families in the town and were involved in the iron industry. They left a legacy of Cannons Hall and Garden built in 1710. There is a later addition of a 70-acre garden developed in 1761. The museum is a snapshot of the times they lived through with paintings, glass, ceramics, and arts and crafts. There is also a regimental museum worth visiting there.

Barnsley’s great claim to fame are the renowned brass bands of which there are several in the town. Originally started by workers from the mining community social clubs the bands were a great social outlet. The most famous is the Grimethorpe Colliery Band one of the most well known brands in the UK. They were featured in the hit UK film “Brassed Off” and as a historical, tragic-comedic look at the life and times in Barnsley; it is undoubtedly a film to be enjoyed by all. You can always find a brass band concert somewhere in the town especially during the holidays.

Barnsley is proud of its English league football club who play at Oakwell stadium, which is over 100 years old.

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