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We Enjoy Working in Halifax

There is a very good reason we enjoy going to Halifax in Yorkshire when we are out and about servicing air conditioning systems and installing new ones.

Halifax is internationally known for chocolate making. It was the site of the famous Mackintosh chocolate company which is now owned by Nestle. During the halcyon days, the Mackintosh toffees were legendary and even today their brands of Quality Street (where would Christmas be without a tin!), Toffee Crisp and Caramac retain their popularity. We cannot resist sweets and often stop to buy some for munching in the van between jobs.

Halifax is an interesting place and Halifax parish church is reputedly, where John the Baptist is buried. He was beheaded and his head was delivered on a platter to the femme fatale Salome who received it in exchange for dancing for King Herodias. How the sainted John ended up in Halifax with or without his head, we really cannot say! The parish church however, is attractive in its own right even without this legend, and has quite wonderful architecture externally and internally. Another interesting fact is that the church organist who was William Herschel back in the day discovered the planet Uranus so some interesting connections for this medieval church.

Staying with the beheading theme, on Gibbet Street there is a very unusual and quite morbid sight. Here at this site is the Halifax Gibbet, an early form of guillotine. Here up until 1650 it was used as a means of execution. Maybe this is where the tale of St John the Baptist’s interment in the parish church grew from. Interestingly, this punishment was only for crimes within the precinct of the Forest of Harwicke and for particular crimes such as being caught red-handed with stolen goods. The gibbet was located close to the Forest of Harwicke boundary so that a swift-footed criminal could escape and avoid execution if he crossed the boundary line. Two or three managed to perform this feat but one hapless criminal stayed away from Halifax for seven years. Foolishly, he returned to Halifax where he was duly arrested, spent three days in the stocks and was duly executed by the Halifax Gibbet. Today there is a replica in place of the original on the same site – and blood curdling it is too!

If you’re in Halifax and in need of any air conditioning or heating services, call Sub Zero Climate Control!

If you are visiting with children, there is Eureka to explore. This fine children’s museum is hands on and loaded with fascinating exploration themes. They will have the choice of exploring the human body, the Mojave Desert, the jungle and much more. Group activities and school programs are available plus child care if required. This is a wonderful day of adventure and education for kids and adults alike.

For browsing, drinking coffee, eating delicious snacks and shopping, Piece Hall is the place to visit. Once it was a great trading hall for wool and woollen products through the years and now is a bright bazaar of art galleries, cafes, shops, and markets. There are also special events here from time to time making it a great day out for entertainment and fun.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 13th of August, 2012