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Waiting room air conditioning – making your dentist and doctor’s queue bearable

AC for Waiting RoomsMany people will feel slightly on edge mentally as they wait to see their doctor or dentist. Neither activity would probably head up many individual “how to have a truly great time” lists. There might not be too much that can be done to alleviate those feelings, but providing effective waiting room or surgery air conditioning can at least help with a degree of physical comfort.

Patients can often feel even more uncomfortable when “in the chair” because the high intensity lighting can increase the temperature as they bravely face their dentist. Air conditioning can again help make them feel less fractious.

Historical methods of air conditioning

It’s easy to assume that this is a fairly recent invention, but that’s not strictly true. As with many things, the ancient Egyptians appear to have got in on the act – at least after a fashion. Reeds, moistened by gently trickling water, were strung across windows. Evaporation cooled the warm air as it entered the room. In a desert climate, this also helped to increase humidity.

Meanwhile, over in Rome, water drawn from the aqueducts was passed through the walls of the homes of wealthy citizens; and in Persia wind towers were constructed.

Around four hundred years ago, one Cornelis Drebbel impressed King James by adding salt to water, and thus, in his words, “turning summer into winter”. Perhaps an expression that wouldn’t find huge favour, given this country’s climate! Luckily, thanks to the clever folk here at Sub Zero Climate Control, dentists or doctors air conditioning can now be a much more straightforward process.

Towards the modern era

What we would recognise as more traditional air conditioning methods were probably first sighted over one hundred years ago when invented and used by American engineer Willis Haviland Carrier. However, a quick cheer might be raised thanks to the Heritage Group of The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers awarding recognition a decade ago that St George’s Hall in Liverpool was officially the world’s first ever air conditioned building.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Returning to our original theme, keeping patients comfortable, and as relaxed as possible, should find favour with any dental practice or medical centre. Many across Britain, from Aberdeen in the north, right down to Plymouth at our southern tip, have already chosen Sub Zero Climate Control to provide a terrific solution. You can find out more details by viewing our waiting room conditioning page

Posted in: Commercial Air Conditioning - On: 27th of February, 2014