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UK Air Conditioning Trends

The British air conditioning market is not as developed as other countries that have non-temperate climates, but UK air conditioning trends follow the very latest innovative design and technology of the largest air conditioning users such as the United States, China, and Japan. This allows us to be selective and bring the very best of air conditioning products to the UK market.

It is said that the American athletes at the Olympic Games 2012 in London were amazed their rooms were air conditioned, as it was not something they expected. In no small part this is down to the worldview of UK, weather where legend has it London is dank and foggy, damp and rainy. However, those athletes would have been very grateful for the Olympic Village air con as temperatures soared to near record-breaking during Olympic week.

In the UK, air conditioning is on the up as people are realising how much more they get from a system that not only regulates temperature in the summer months but also has the added bonus of providing and exceptional heating system in the winter at an affordable price. Householders are now taking the trouble to discover how air conditioning systems are better for the environment, improving in efficiency all the time and cost saving.

Air conditioning is beneficial to improving health and comfort, and increasing productivity. New UK air conditioning trends are toward the more environmentally friendly systems that are cheaper to run. There are some grants available for certain types of renewable energy systems such as heat pumps.

One major trend is inverter controlled air conditioning systems. This type of system is sweeping across the market place and because they are so energy efficient, even the Government are encouraging people to use this kind of system.

Inverter Air Conditioning

Quite simply, inverter air conditioning systems are 30% more efficient than their non-inverter counterparts are.

Non-inverter systems use a compressor that operates at a fixed speed and switches off when the required temperature is reached. When the temperature changes, the compressor then switches on and works until the temperature is reached again. As this cycle continues, it can be seen how inefficient this is.

Inverter models are efficient because they are constantly varying the speed depending on room temperature and do not switch off and on again using more energy. Not only is the operation quiet (some manufacturers describe operation as “whisper quiet”) some models are up to 50% more efficient making for over 30% of savings on energy bills.

Heat Pumps for Air Conditioning

One of the growing UK air conditioning trends is the heat pump. Air, water, and ground source heat pumps are an increasingly popular alternative for cooling and heating homes. Heat pumps tick all the environment boxes as natural heat from water, air or the ground is used to provide cooling and heating. With a ratio of 4:1 efficiency, they produce four times the energy it takes to run them – a bonus by any standard.

Air source heat pumps can also be combined with an inverter, which means they can be used for all climate control in the home. There are some interesting figures on cost savings from The Energy Saving Trust. They state that replacing a gas heating system with a heat pump saves on average £190.00 in energy bills. Swapping to solar power or wind power would increase these savings to for a truly eco-friendly system.

Single Room Small Air Conditioning Units

With climate change and extreme temperatures that are seen increasingly in UK summers, many people are opting for single room small air conditioners. These discrete units come in many attractive designs and styles. With the minimum of fuss, they can be installed quickly and economically with little disruption. The bliss of being able to sleep in a cool room during the hot nights without fear of being dive bombed by insects through the open window and tossing and turning is something appreciated by more people every year. The popularity of this unit type is not restricted to bedrooms in the summer time. Conservatories and home offices also play host to these wonderful easy economic units for spot heating and cooling.

Remote Access

Another growing UK air conditioning trend is the use of smart devices to control home and office air conditioning. This feature allows units to be switched on before arriving home or switched off if it has been forgotten. The temperature can be adjusted and even a timer programmed. Within the home as well, digital control panels and remote controls are commonplace.

Looking to the future, there is one trend that is forever in style and that is installation and regular maintenance by an accredited, fully qualified air conditioning engineer. We only stock the best brands and know our products so we can give our customers the very best advice and up to date knowledge of any UK air conditioning trends that are to be introduced.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 18th of January, 2013