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Troubleshooting: Air Conditioner Problems

Operational issues with air conditioning take on many different forms but are usually fairly straightforward to deal with. In this article, we will firstly look at some issues that you may come across if you inherit an air conditioning system that has not been installed by your regular air conditioning engineer. Here we cover issues with window air conditioning units also. Air conditioner problems can often be resolved by checking out some of the more obvious issues. The biggest air conditioner problems people report are under performance, high running costs, and unacceptable noise levels when in operation.

The following tips often resolve these more common issues, which usually result from poor maintenance, and poor installation.

  1. Make sure your air conditioner is installed on the least sunny aspect of your room or home. The air will be cooler on the shady side and help in the heat exchange process. The consequences are that any air conditioner problems are nipped in the bud, as the unit will not have to overwork so will save you money on electricity costs as well as optimising performance. Your engineer should always identify the best location for the best performance so always question why a unit is installed on the “sunny” side. This may sometimes be unavoidable if the airflow is restricted in the shadier location.
  2. Create a tight seal around the hole where the air conditioner unit meets the wall or window for efficient cooling. Air conditioner problems often arise because simple sealing has not been performed.
  3. Where a unit meets the hole in your wall or window, it is crucial for effective cooling to seal any gaps. Weather stripping is cheap and easy to apply and you will reap benefits in optimal performance.
  4. Insulation has a part to play in making your air conditioner run trouble free. A well –insulated home will reduce energy requirements to run the system and retain those low temperatures in summer or warmth in the winter.
  5. Looking after your air filter is another thing to consider when operation of your air conditioner is not as efficient as it should be. Dirty filters reduce the airflow of the total system. Make cleaning your filter a regular part of your house maintenance.

The air conditioner problems looked at so far are common sense tips for everyday operational issues you may come across. Your air conditioning engineer should resolve serious air conditioner problems. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to diagnosing faults and repairing them. It is worthwhile noting that half the operational headaches and air conditioner problems can be avoided by taking the advice of a professional who will install, maintain, and repair the perfect air conditioning system for your home.

Over the course of time, most air conditioning systems will acquire structural faults or need to have parts replaced. Damage to the air conditioning unit may be caused by neglecting to comply with regular scheduled maintenance. Operational issues may also be noticed if an air conditioner is very old when air conditioner problems are only to be expected. In either circumstance, some professional TLC will be required to replace old parts.

Here we look at some other reasons why you may be suffering with operational issues that are important for every system to keep it running just right.


This may seem odd; to use the system more often but regular usage actually prevents breakdowns and air conditioning problems. Like other consumer electronic products, air conditioners are significantly more efficient when turned on for longer time periods.


For the maximum efficiency from your air conditioner, we recommend your system be serviced twice a year to keep air conditioning problems to a minimum. Keeping your system serviced throughout the year avoids any operational problems especially if the unit has not been in use for a period.


Surprisingly, a lot of air conditioner problems are caused by misplaced nails and picture hooks that can puncture a hole in ducting causing leaks and tears in the airflow pipes. Knowing where your ventilation ducts run will avoid any damage to them when you are undertaking home repairs or a DIY project.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 8th of May, 2013