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Meeting Toshiba’s New Air Conditioner: The Toshiba SHRM-i

We have been looking forward to the launch of the Toshiba Super Heat Recovery Multi System (Toshiba SHRM-i) for some time. Toshiba is an excellent manufacturer of air conditioning systems and they are one of our favourite suppliers due to their reliability, great customer service, and cutting edge energy efficient products. We are excited to be able to offer this system to our customers and demonstrate how this new generation air conditioning system will enhance and improve their heating and ventilation requirements while offering savings on their energy bills. The Toshiba system uses eco-friendly refrigerant gas R410a, making the Toshiba system environment aware also.


The brand new three-pipe heat recovery VRF system delivers at a world-class level on energy efficiency. This new offering of SHRM VRF air conditioners, in particular the Toshiba SHRM-i series has extraordinary performance at part load conditions and is the most efficient system on the market bar none. This innovative ground breaking range which we have available now will become the new industry “one to beat” in the three-pipe VRF market sector which is highly competitive. Toshiba states that full load ratings for air conditioning systems can be misleading. In the UK, air conditioning operates at maximum capacity for small amounts of time meaning the systems operate at part-load capacity. To maximise efficiency under these operating parameters Toshiba concentrated on part load optimisation.


The Toshiba SHRM-i system has an outstanding COP of 5.63 at 50 per cent load (8hp unit) and EER of 6.02. This converts to a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of eight, leaving rival air conditioning systems in its wake.

The key to the exceptional performance is usage of up to three highly efficient DC twin rotary compressors in each outdoor unit, combined with individual vector-controlled inverters. Unlike other brands, that share inverters between compressors, Toshiba offer separate inverters for each individual compressor, giving precise control over rotation speed, matching the output to the load.

The latest Toshiba CD rotary compressors have advantages over scroll compressors. Scroll compressors have to exceed the required capacity to deliver capacity at first while rotary compressors deliver the output without any overrun, avoiding energy loss.

With a starting current of only 1Amp per system, this technology has an advantage in situations where the power supply may be restricted.


The Toshiba SHRM-i three-pipe system is designed to deliver simultaneous heating and cooling in large buildings such as shops, offices, and hospitals. Heat recovery components recover energy from excess heat areas and redistribute it to areas of the building requiring heating. Additionally, energy is harnessed using a unique VRF boiler accessory, to deliver low-cost hot water – a huge benefit. Recovering excess hot air reduces waste warm air efficiently recycling it for energy efficiency.

Outdoor units can be matched with the tried and tested Toshiba indoor units. The indoor units are low noise and designed to be aesthetically pleasing allowing the indoor units to integrate in any environment. There are cassettes, concealed and slim duct units, cassettes, and floor standing, high-wall, ceiling-mounted, and console units. The system can be connected to the new Toshiba BMS Smart control and monitoring platform, which gives intelligence and overview data and remote access of performance and energy efficiency.

This innovative technology from Toshiba allows balancing and of the operating time for each component in essence which considerably enhances reliability of the system. When in operation, the latest control systems select the compressor and heat exchanger to supply capacity efficiently. This operation method reduces power input by up to 30% compared with a traditional switch on/off system.

The compact flow selector (FS unit) allows the system to cool and heat simultaneously and can be used in restricted spaces. The heating range from 25 to 95 kW and the cooling capacity is from 22.4 to 84 kW.

Toshiba really does set new standards with the Toshiba SHRM-i and the incorporation of the DC twin rotary compressors in all SHRM-i outdoor units. The use of these dual-compressor systems, allows the system operation load to distribute more evenly, with the operating sequence of outdoor units and individual compressors controlled by Toshiba’s own technological innovative smart controller.

The performance of the Toshiba SHRM-i unit is maximised combining airflows, low noise levels, compact design that reduces installation time and costs.

We are looking forward to installing the Toshiba SHRM-i system and for anyone wishing to know more, please contact us and look at the technical specification here.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 8th of April, 2013