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Toshiba Air Conditioning

Toshiba is a world leader in the industry of electronics and they are dedicated to distributing the highest standards of innovation and value in all the areas where the company is a key player. The company is known to be the manufacturer of many electrical appliances including the air conditioner. The air conditioners systems of the company have continued evolve leading to high market share. The air conditioning from the stable of Toshiba are both designed to be used both for commercial and residential applications.

The company is known for its passion for innovation and they constantly work to ascertain that all the products going out of their company, including their air conditioning systems, are of high quality. The company is also very conscious of the environment and as such, their products are known to be environmentally friendly. For a point, the air conditioning system environmental management team of Toshiba air conditioning has earned some great certifications including that of ISO 14001.

The company has about 14 environmental awards to its name making the company a leader in the field. Toshiba have also been the recipients of international praise for coming up with energy efficient split system and other VRF products that have the capacity to operate on R410A Refrigerant. Toshiba air conditioning systems are designed and manufactured with utmost emphasis on reliability, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Early in the development stage of the company, they started with the incorporation of inverter technology into their air conditioning systems. The company has been known to have the edge over its competitors with its technological innovations. The improvement of the new and selective DC hybrid inverter has endorsed the company’s competence to create and preserve its technological leadership in the fast growing industry.

To Toshiba, innovation is synonymous with both high dedication and with international organisations that meticulously measure the effect of the new technologies being introduced by the company into the environment. The company combines the need to further the quest for technological development with adequate consideration for the oncoming generations and as a result, they have produced a wide range of high energy efficient air conditioning systems, thereby reducing the emission greenhouse gas at the source. Toshiba air conditioning have invested a lot into the research of how to offer better products are still doing so up till date.

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Posted in: Latest News - On: 23rd of September, 2011