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The Fujitsu J Series

The Fujitsu J Series is a small but powerful range of air conditioners that have the capacity for a compact outdoor unit to supply up to eight indoor units. These units are small and compact enough to fit anywhere yet have all the features you would expect from a leading manufacturer including energy efficiency, easy installation and guaranteed performance.

Fujitsu Air Conditioners create high quality, energy saving, environmentally friendly and healthy products – for the home, business and industry. They pride themselves on hallmarks of performance and dependability combined with advanced technology. They call themselves “the intelligent choice in comfort” with many good reasons why.

There are different models in the Fujitsu J Series and all conform to delivering power in compact form.The compact VRF System provides economical and comfortable air conditioning for wide range of applications from living space to business space. The compact VRF System responds to the needs of each building and is backed by advanced air conditioning technology. The VRF System in the Fujitsu J series was developed to meet six important requirements; high efficiency, economy, comfort, convenience, ease of operation, and easy maintenance.

The versatility of the Fujitsu J Series allows you to to choose a combination of indoor units to suit the precise air conditioning needs of specific rooms. With a choice between cassette, ducted and wall mounted indoor units, the solution and asthethic look of the air conditioner can be chosen to suit the room and environment it is installed in. The compact nature of the Fujitsu J series means the air conditioner can fit into any indoor space discretely meaning that whatever your décor, the air conditioner will be unobtrusive yet give you total comfort.

The Fujitsu J-Series range is easy to install to pre-existing buildings. The different systems automatically adjust capacity to suit the required cooling or heating load of each room by combining a DC inverter scroll compressor with advanced refrigerant flow technology. This enables the outdoor unit to run indoor units with superior energy savings with low operating costs.

Using a single phase electrical power supply the Fujitsu J Series units can connect up to eight indoor units to the one outdoor unit. This allows you to cool or heat your home more efficiently as you can target which rooms to heat or cool depending on requirements.. Delivering high standards in comfort and performance, the Fujitsu J Series has high energy efficiency ratios in both heating and cooling. Compact and quiet, it integrates well with both new and existing building designs and is very quiet in operating as well as being compact and discrete.

We will be happy to discuss your Fujtsu J series options with you and await your call.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 26th of April, 2012