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The European Mini-Duct Sub Zero sdHVAC System

Sub Zero sdHVAC comes with a selection of high pressure minimal noise air handlers along with several choices to constitute the foundation of the system. Most of these range from 2.5 kilowatt to 20 kilowatt ratings, each being coordinated using the heat exchanger coils of suitable output. Air conditioning coils are accessible for both cold water and refrigerant.

The lower power devices are also accessible as integrated (fan coil) units. All coil devices have specially designed condensate containers with condensate drain joints. Units are made for both vertical and horizontal orientation in assembly and handle condensate easily in both positions.
 Many units feature fully deterioration resistant internally insulated cases with rumbling damping and acoustic assimilation. All air-handlers are suitable for the common Sub Zero sdHVAC distribution system elements, typically using three outlets per kilowatt of cooling or heating. Each outlet provides approximately 300-500 watts at an air flow of 15 to 20 l/s according to coil heat range.

The Sub Zero sdHVAC system works at typical pressure of 370 Pa in the plenum in comparison with a standard ventilation system’s 20 to 40 Pa. This high pressure development facilitates the extremely compact ducts and velocity of air to make air aspiration in apartments. There is no complex duct sizing needed because the machine is designed in the vicinity of Sub Zero sdHVAC pre-manufactured parts. Nearly all air distribution parts are pre-insulated and pre-assembled.

Heat Recovery techniques are now prevalent as a way to utilise heat from the hot air obtained from kitchens and lavatories. The Sub Zero sdHVAC pressure-balancing consumption adaptor sustains operation with an array of Heat Recovery systems to supply optimum fresh air in the system while maintaining maximum energy productivity.

Sub Zero sdHVAC suppliers are pleased to supply perfect Heat Recovery devices as a major part of their Built-in Solution functionality. Low noise and vibrations are intended into Sub Zero sdHVAC devices from the Industrial Laboratory through the production method.

Sub Zero sdHVAC helps make your home, workplace or restaurant a comfy place in all seasons. 
It is the heating and air conditioning choice for properties that are not designed for standard ducts. So it is the solution for many European applications. Sub Zero sdHVAC is an approach to take advantage of your Heat Pump’s efficiency and pass its cooling and heating outcome into your house.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 19th of December, 2011