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The Daikin VRV IV Launch

We were delighted when the Daikin VRV IV air conditioner was launched. We have always been great admirers of Daikin and they are one of the major manufacturers that we have a great relationship with and choose to distribute their products because of reliability and customer service. This Daikin air conditioner is the fourth generation of the VRV series meaning there is a long record of accomplishment of research, development, and innovation.

This new generation Daikin VRV IV innovation achieves new levels of efficiency and contains enhancements for a product that is already the leading product in its class. The revolutionary innovations include continuous heating on heat pump, VRF configurator to simplify commissioning and installation and variant refrigerator control. The product is available from us now but March 2013 sees the availability of heat recovery units for this series.

Variable Refrigerant Technology

This is a breakthrough for us engineers as it allows us at installation to use a choice of pre set values to optimise the comfort and energy balance for the specific installation environment. The automatic mode configures the system for maximum energy efficiency year round while still allowing a rapid response on super hot days. There is a welcome 25% efficiency increase, as the system will continually adjust refrigerant temperature in accordance with required capacity and weather conditions outside. This clever feature means in the middle of the season when cooling is not really needed room temperature is already optimised meaning that when it needs to be triggered for cooling very little energy will be used

Continuous Heating During Defrost

This feature sets the bar in heating comfort making the VRV IV heat pump the very best alternative to a traditional heating system. Continuous heating has often been seen as a disadvantage. This has been turned to advantage by Daikin because the heat pump continues to provide heating even when it is in defrosting mode. This is an important feature because all heat pumps accumulate ice in the heating operation cycle, which needs to be melted from time to time. Previously, before this new development, defrost operation reversed the refrigeration cycle, causing a temperature drop temporarily in the room. The VRV IV has a unique feature, a heat accumulating element, which provides dedicated energy for the function of defrost, so that indoor units continue to provide heating. This means there is no variation in room temperature and no energy efficiency losses.

VRF Configurator

The new VRV configurator is the final innovation and on offer is an advanced software solution, which makes it easier to commission and install the air conditioning unit. The advantages are less installation time and less complex set up. Maintenance becomes easier as well as a graphical interface allows engineers to look at operational errors and evaluate data. There are choices of presets that can be used to suit the individual installation and a range of installations can be monitored together using this software.

VRV IV Intelligent Solution Integration

To complement the VRV IV system, Daikin’s new intelligent touch manager complements the VRV IV system with an intuitive user interface with visible floor plan, that is able to manage up to 2560 groups of indoor units. It also offers energy management tools for maximum efficiency. The VRV IV system can be used with a variety of ventilation unit solutions such as, Biddle curtains, hot water hydro boxes, round flow cassettes (another Daikin cutting edge product) which feature a daily auto-cleaning filter that reduces can reduce over a year a 49% reduction in energy consumption. The round flow cassette is also available with a presence sensor so when you are not in the room it adjusts the set point or switches off the unit giving a further 27% in cost savings on energy.

Daikin Innovation

Since Daikin began manufacturing air conditioning, they have strived and succeeded in setting the standard for air conditioning industry innovation. In 1958, they developed the very first Japanese rotary compressor. The innovations just kept coming with the 1969 first multi split air conditioning system and, they gained the accolade of manufacturing the first heat pump to obtain the European Eco label – the Daikin Altherma in 2009.

Daikin was first to market heat pumps with new types of refrigerants such as R-407C, R-410A and R-744 (CO2) deemed to be less harmful to the environment. However, they had one of their greatest breakthroughs in 1982, when Daikin created the first ever Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system. This major innovation created an entirely new category in the air conditioning market for Variable Refrigerant Flow systems. Closely following on, the first heat recovery VRV, the 2005 water-cooled VRV solution and more up to date the VRV replacement solution for systems originally designed using R-22 refrigerant. VRV IV sets the standard once more for innovation and efficiency.

We look forward to introducing you to the Daikin VRV IV systems and can thoroughly recommend this manufacturer. Daikin is renowned for the pioneering approach to product development and unrivalled quality of their integrated and adaptable solutions.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 8th of January, 2013