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The Daikin Seasonal Inverter

With over fifty years experience, Daikin has invested so much into the New Seasonal Inverter, the RZQ model which has been redesigned based on Eco-design principles. It is designed to guarantee environmental performance throughout the product’s life cycle. The Seasonal Inverter has been optimised for enhanced low energy performance all through the year, offering higher yearly seasonal efficiencies compared to the latest super inverters. It also provides some major improvements over modern non inverter systems. The Inverter is available in 7kw to about 14kw, single or three point units. It also comprises R22 alternative technology.

The inverter boasts of a cooling capacity from about -15°C up to 50°C and a heating capacity of down to -20°C WB. There are different features being offered by the seasonal inverter, RZQ model that is the same as the current version of RZQ super inverter model. It is built on R410A refrigerant with zero ozone depletion. It also decreases the emissions of carbon.

The integration of all the characteristics of the current super inverter model and the seasonal inverter contains filterless technology from Daikin. It offers consumers of R22 models a very efficient and cost effective system substitute solution by using the existing pipes again. The new improvement is in line with the EU Commission’s twenty percent saving in overall consumption of energy, a diminishment in the emission of carbon to about twenty percent of 1990 stages and the utility of renewable energy to about twenty percent by the end of year 2020.

Apart from the seasonal inverter, there are other unique products offered by Daikin among which are Fan Coil units, Biddle air curtain, heating/cooling for one room and up to nine rooms, refrigeration, air purifier, VRV large commercial, chillers, and rooftops. All these have been manufactured with years of experience to give utmost comfort to the consumers. You can contact Sub Zero Climate Control to get more ideas about the workings of all these products and other products that are not mentioned here.

There are wide ranges of product that you can choose from that will take you through all the seasons in the year. Whatever your budget, you can be sure of getting something functional from Daikin.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 10th of September, 2011