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Sub Zero sdHVAC system

The new Sub Zero sdHVAC system delivers complete central cooling and heating for both
 commercial and residential buildings, designed for easy installation and quiet effective functioning.

The system is made up of a high interference pressure heat exchanger unit, a flip-up plenum duct, as well as a system of ready covered sound-attenuating versatile small air tubes which together make a distinctive system to deliver the conditioned air all through the building. It is contrary to any traditional air conditioning process in design and process, needing only around 1/10th of the space for ducts. This compactness causes it to be perfect for European structures which were never meant to have traditional air conditioning duct options installed.

The system works by using McCracken’s aspiration theory to supply a cool or hot flow of air that delicately mixes with the internal air to chill or heat and make up a comfy uniform temperature all over the room. Because aspiration functions equally well regardless of where the opening is positioned, it opens up choices that are not provided with traditional systems. Floors, wall surfaces, and roofs are all good places for outlet positioning allowing many alternatives for interior designers for making the air conditioning essentially hidden.

Generally, a round face-plate, more compact than a Compact disk, which can be coloured or otherwise hidden to mix into the room decoration is all that is visible. Wood or brass plates are also accessible to fulfill an entire gamut of demands, whilst a number of inconspicuous slot channels are well-known with numerous designers.

More comfort is delivered because of the extra dampness taken out of the air through the large space heat exchanger design. But not only does this enable residents to feel more relaxed at higher, more cost effective, thermostat adjustments, also can save as much as 7% or even more on yearly energy expenses.

Sub Zero sdHVAC is the most recognised solution for heating and cooling both commercial and residential properties whether heat pump, oil, gas or biomass furnace is utilised for heating. The small distribution system eliminates large bulky metal tubes that can be costly and hard to integrate in the building structure.

The 56mm versatile mini-duct enables Sub Zero sdHVAC to fit into walls and around obstacles. Its aspiration theory implies that the system utilises half the total air used by traditional systems, and provide it draught free. Every single duct incorporates a special noise attenuating coating and enters a smooth-circulation outlet for minimal noise.

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