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Sub Zero sdHVAC heating and cooling air-distribution system

You don’t have to be a genius to comprehend heat pump effective heating.

Linked with a Sub Zero sdHVAC air-distribution strategy the heat pump provides similar performance cooling and heating, for all-year-round contentment!

One way of looking at it is that you get free air conditioning with your heating system.

It is acknowledged that the contemporary heat pump with its fundamentally high thermodynamic productivity is now the best approach to heat buildings for the future – both new and old buildings! A Sub Zero sdHVAC (Small Duct Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System) is the perfect solution for functional thermal transfer by way of heat pumps.

Not all people are conscious that by using reversible heat pumps, for hardly any more expense, you can have a similar level of productivity heating as well as cooling. What a bonus for the present variable weather conditions!

In April this year we encountered August-style temperature ranges in Yorkshire, while this October broke temperature records.

The innovative Sub Zero sdHVAC air-distribution system is built to combine with all contemporary heat pumps and has been designed in Cambridge to fulfill European Standards. The system provides all-year-round convenience with less installation issues common to various other cooling and heating systems. Supplementary systems can be found, including the special incorporation of fresh-air venting and industry standard energy/heat-recovery elements. Full air filtering is also a standard function in the product.

Sub Zero sdHVAC slotted duct grills make for perfect visually un-cluttered residential and business environments. The technological innovation provides very steady temperatures with no cold or hot pockets. This is due to the high-speed air blending procedure and is regardless of the duct placement, whether installed in floors, ceilings or walls. Whether the latest triple-slotted channel ducts, or standard round ducts, all can be blended with equal efficient perfection!

Sub Zero sdHVAC is perfect in old buildings as well – where a necessity has long been for invisible air conditioning!

Posted in: Latest News - On: 28th of October, 2011