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Sub Zero sdHVAC – European Technology at its peak

It is to answer 21st century demands that the Sub Zero sdHVAC system has been exclusively created in Cambridge, United Kingdom for energy-efficient cooling, heating and ventilation. The Sub Zero sdHVAC mini-duct strategy is today’s transformation of a high-speed ventilation system which is first discovered in the United States after World War 2 by an aircraft propulsion technician named Calvin McCracken. He noticed that the thrusting of an aircraft engine made a whirlwind-like mix of air.

Like the majority of American home-owners, he owned a warm air home heating system, but was disappointed with its loudness and draughts. He experimented, working with higher-pressure blowing apparatus, small tubes and air channels and observed that, astonishingly, draughts were basically eradicated if air was pushed into the room to facilitate surrounding air mixing near wall surfaces, away from any home residents.

The air flow in an area is drawn in the direction of the high speed air supply and cooled or heated by it. McCracken named his high velocity principle aspiration. His creations soon progressed into a real product known as ‘Jet Heat’. In the past due 50’s ‘Jet Cooling’ was included with the product range for the hot month’s air conditioning.

McCracken continued to progress on several other heating and venting innovative developments, receiving eighty patents and getting a position in the New Jersey Creators Hall Of Fame together with Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.

These days, Sub Zero sdHVAC has brought McCracken’s original invention and utilised its own expertise in European building ordinances and EC directives to develop systems which truly fulfill the heating, cooling and venting needs of the European industry. Sub Zero sdHVAC products have the CE tag, confirming that they satisfy all applicable EC Directives.

Sub Zero sdHVAC blowers use the most recent digital (EC) permanent-magnetic low energy motor systems and best quality rotors. Heat exchangers are made by the leading professionals with large-area cooling/heating coils and fin topology for optimum heat transfer, mainly essential with the hot and cold levels provided by energy-efficient heat pumps.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 5th of December, 2011