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Some Unique Things About York

York is a walled city that is located at the confluence of the Rivers Foss and Ouse in Yorkshire in the North of England. Looking back at the history of the city, one would discover that the city is very rich in its heritage and it has provided the background to some of the major political occurrences throughout most of its two millennia of its being. The city could be traceable to as far back as 71 AD. It was established by the Romans and it was initially called Eboracum, a name that was derived from names that were used by one of the British tribes who lived in that area. York was made the capital of Britannia Inferior by the Romans, although, the Roman fortress and colony were situated on high ground. It is important to note that during this period, the town became a victim of periodic flooding from the nearby rivers, Foss and Ouse.

In the early period of the 5th Century, some people known as Angles settled in the area. These people were also called Eoforwic. The flooded parts of the town were dealt with in the 7th century under the reign of King Edwin. A lot of things happened during this period and the city became the royal center of the famous Kingdome of Northumbria. The city was captured by the Vikings between the period of 866 AD and the time of the final incorporation of Northumbria into the present Kingdom of England in 954AD. The City of York was sometimes called by its Scandinavian name, Jorvik.

The name York was first used in the thirteenth century. In the Middle Ages, York grew and became a major trading center. it also became the ecclesiastical capital of the northern region of England. The region was called the Province of York and it has remained one of the Church of England Ecclesiastical provinces. The other province is known as Canterbury. The location of York somewhere around the River of Ouse in the middle of the Vale of York and in-between the UK capitals of Edinburgh and London implies that it holds a long time significant position within the country’s transport system. In the 19th century, York, under the influence of Hudson George, became a very important hub for the railway network and also a manufacturing center. Recently, the economic condition of York has transited from being subjugated under its confectionery and railway industries to other services. There are now health services and the University of York as part of the major employers in York.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 13th of July, 2011