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Small Air Conditioning Units

Small air conditioning units are the affordable way to have energy efficient heating and cooling in a smaller space. From a single room to a small apartment or office, portable air conditioning units can fulfill all of your needs and easily integrate into existing spaces. If you are looking for maximum efficiency, energy and cost savings then one of the smaller types of air conditioning unit may be just the thing to consider over other forms of heating and cooling.

Increasingly, the summer season in the UK has extremes of temperature with temperatures into the thirties. Our well-insulated homes designed for cooler climes can become unbearably hot and we have all experienced those restless hot nights without a breath of air where sleep is impossible due to the heat. Because we tend to think of these extremes as lasting for only a few days (and the same applies to sub zero temperatures), we just grin and bear it and some people even try their hand at building a DIY air conditioner (not recommended!) However, more people are beginning to realise the benefits of using small air conditioning units for their comfort all year round.

What Are Small Air Conditioning Units Suitable For?

Some people have a small air conditioner installed in the bedroom so they can sleep in comfort whatever the weather is doing outside. They gain a perfect restful sleep when it is hot and stay cosily warm in extreme freezing temperatures without having to heat or cool the rest of the house. The bedroom is an ideal candidate for isolated temperature control at an affordable price. You can enjoy one of these units as a stand-alone system or to use in conjunction with your current heating system.

Many people work from home these days and rather than rely on an expensive electric space heater they install a small air conditioning unit instead. This offers the benefits of a cool environment on hot days and economical heating in wintertime. You are also guaranteed instant heat and cooling whenever you flick the switch on the appliance or more likely use the remote control that many units have. If you are caught away from home, some units can be programmed or switched on via your smart phone or laptop.

Hobby rooms, baby’s nurseries, and kitchens are other popular choices for the installation of a small air conditioning unit. When you weigh up the benefits of clean air, constant temperature, energy efficiency and cost savings, small air conditioning units are an obvious choice for any situation.

Many small commercial applications are suited to this type of air conditioning unit such as doctor’s surgeries, dentist’s, veterinary surgeries, and retail premises. People realise that productivity and comfort for workers and for patients and customers is important and they will remember the feeling of being comfortable as positive as an overall part of their customer experience.

How Do They Work?

Our manufacturing partners are the best in the business and carefully design small air conditioning units for energy efficiency, good looks, reliability, and cost savings. They are discrete and may be installed inside a grille cabinet or cupboard, on the ceiling, at floor level and wall mounted. Sophisticated air filter systems keep air purified and clean which is ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Many small units also deodorise and refresh the air.

It is best to ask the advice of experts when you are choosing a small air conditioning unit for your home. We are always happy to advise you on what will suit your room size and perform the necessary calculations for you to ensure the perfect match for your personal situation. If you do go ahead without proper advice, you may end up with a unit that is too small that will not be able to perform properly and uses more energy or end up with a system that is too large wasting energy. Either way you will not get a correctly balanced system so do be mindful of proper advice.

When shopping for an air conditioner there are some things to look out for and here we have some tips for you when shopping around.

What to Look For In Your Small Air Conditioning Unit

  • Noise Levels – How many decibels does the air conditioning unit generate? While most units are whisper quiet, some can be quite loud, so you need to check the amount of noise the unit generates when running. After all if you cannot sleep or watch TV due to the air conditioner noise, it will be just as irritating as sweltering in heat or shivering in the cold!
  • Go for digital controls. This allows for useful features such as adjustable timing, and remote control, which can be operated away from home as well.
  • Choose a unit with air flow control so that you can redirect the air, especially in bedrooms and other small spaces as there is nothing worse than having direct air on you.
  • Buy the most energy efficient air conditioning unit you can afford. Not only will you reduce environmental impact but also you will gain cost savings and get more energy from your air conditioning unit (up to four times) from every electricity unit you use.

Check different product reviews and what customer service, warranties, and guarantees you will receive. Bear in mind that when you use our professional services, you will have product back up and customer support 365 days of the year to answer your every query and provide maintenance and servicing regularly to keep your unit in good shape.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 28th of January, 2013