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SANYO Air Conditioning Systems

Sanyo is one of the companies that manufacture air conditioning units. Since inception in 1958, the company has been in the lead of providing energy efficient and reliable air conditioning systems to the general public. They have earned the reputation of a great innovator in the air conditioning industry and they have consistently delivered reliable and market-leading technology. They delivered the first heat pump air conditioners that were produced in 1960 and the first gas driven VRF system in the 80s and in 1989, they delivered the first 3-pipe VRF system in 1989. Over the years the company has continued to research into how to develop high quality air conditioners. Apart from developing market-leading technology the company also carries out other services to the clients.

In 2007, the company launched many revolutionary technologies that include air conditioning. Other products were launched in the following year which include the new VRF indoor units, new range of Elite PACI- super- efficient Commercial Split system, the high performance new M Series Gas Heat Pumps and more efficient and stylish Room Air Conditioners. There is also the ECO G Power gas driven VRF that combines with an electric generator. Sanyo provide some of the most environmentally friendly air conditioners and heat pumps. The room air conditioners made by Sanyo are specifically designed to provide the right temperature for small or medium sized area. These products are born out of years of extensive research and various development programs that have been engaged in since 1958. With Sanyo products, you can be sure of quiet and efficient air conditioning systems that produce a comfortable atmosphere within a reasonable budget.

There are various developments that have taken place within Sanyo that has given rise to the numerous designs of air conditioners. Some of these air conditioning systems include the Wall Mounted Units which is more stylish and very functional. There is the smooth, high performance Mini Shiki Sai Kan that comes with a choice of five different panel colors. The success of this design gave rise to the development of a smaller version of the Shiki Sai Kan. This small version offers an exceptional energy saving performance of COP that is up to 4.31. It also comes with a heating and cooling down of up to -15 degrees. Apart from this, the LED photo-catalytic sterilization function also ensures fantastic performance that fights germs, odours and bacteria. It also has automatic sweep control and apatite ceramic filter. There are other features that come with this smaller version that make it worth its price.

At Sub Zero we’re proud to supply Sanyo air conditioning systems.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 27th of July, 2011