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Our engineers serve the Rotherham area where we do air conditioning system installations, repairs and maintenance.

We also do site visits and discuss with you the best air conditioning solution for your residential or commercial space. Homeowners are beginning to change over to combined cooling and heating systems finding them energy efficient, economical to run and affordable for year round comfort. Our quotations are inclusive of all costs.

What’s in Rotherham?

Rotherham is a town in South Yorkshire town with a larger population than Barnsley where we also service and has a population of approximately 250,000 people. The town is the principal population centre in an area that is at least 70% rural. Rotherham is surrounded by many historical sites, monuments, sleepy villages and hamlets.

The town centre itself is a busy shopping area with leisure facilities to match anywhere. In fact, with a “superclub” and some highly recommended restaurants, it is a great entertainment centre too. Lots of leisure and sporting facilities in and around the town make Rotherham a good place to live and visit.

The town is undergoing some renovation at present, which will enhance its appeal. Conveniently situated for transport, Rotherham is easily accessible.

Rotherham had mixed fortunes down the years earning a reputation as a modern fashionable town when a college was built to rival Oxford and Cambridge. Fortunes dipped however in the 16th century until coal was discovered and the employment of thousands kept the local economy buoyant with thriving iron, steel, and coal industries.

Many museums such as the award winning Clifton Park Museum document the development of Rotherham through time. There is a fine military museum the York and Lancaster Regimental Museum, which has exhibits from the last 200 years. The fascinating Magna Science Adventure Centre housed at the old Templeborough steelworks explores industrial history in the area.

There are art galleries and theatres making Rotherham a well-rounded cultural centre with something to attract any visitor or resident. Nightlife is buzzing in Rotherham with plenty of nightclubs and pubs to suit all tastes in music and entertainment.

Shopping in Rotherham is pleasurable as apart from all of the well-known High Street stores, there are individual outlets and no less than five markets. Rotherham’s markets include the Centenary market with 88 stalls, an outdoor market with 115 stalls, and a town centre market boasting 40 stalls.

If you see our vans around town, give us a wave and if you need cooling off, we are the company to help you! Sub Zero Climate Control, remember the name, or contact us today!

Posted in: Latest News - On: 18th of June, 2012