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Recommended AC Units for Conservatories

condensationpreventionEnjoy your conservatory this summer, and all year round

There are many reasons to install a conservatory. For example, you might be looking for an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home, or you might want to increase your storage space. In reality, most people who install a conservatory want to have somewhere relaxing to sit and enjoy the long summer days and evenings.

The challenge with this is that conservatories are constructed in such a way that means they can rapidly lose their heat or become positively boiling due to the amount of sunlight shining through the glass. So, even on a daily basis there can be swift temperature fluctuations. While a conservatory can be as hot as a green house on a lovely sunny summer’s day, the temperature can plummet in the evening to a not so comfortable chill.

Purchasing a conservatory is a considerable investment, and you want to enjoy it, so it’s crucial to choose the right way to control its temperature. There is a baffling amount of choice when it comes to conservatory air conditioning units. At Sub Zero Climate Control Sheffield, we have a wealth of experience in this department and we believe a cost effective, energy efficient solution for maintaining comfortable surroundings is a must.

Fujitsu Conservatory Air Conditioning Units

The Fujitsu General air-conditioning units can provide a comfortable temperature in conservatories 24 hours a day during the summer months, and all year round. The inverter technology used in these units means that they can be used for conservatory cooling during sunny summer days and as a less expensive way to heat the conservatory at night, and in winter, than a traditional heating system. This allows people to enjoy their conservatory at any time of day, at any point during the year. They can also be used to dehumidify conservatories prone to condensation.

There is nothing worse than settling down with a good book or glass of wine to relax, only to be distracted by a loud, repetitive noise. In fact the noise from air conditioning units can put some people off them, and instead they battle with all kinds of substandard solutions such as an array of blinds, fans and heaters. The good thing about Fujitsu air conditioning units is that they are extremely quiet, so won’t disturb the peace.

Depending on the shape, size and design of the conservatory, some devices work better than others. You don’t want to have a big obtrusive unit that looks completely out of place in your home. For example there are wall-mounted air conditioning units and floor units that can be integrated to any style of conservatory. Cassette models can be set up either on the floor or on the ceiling. Duct type units have a very low installation height, which means they can be built into a suspended ceiling and are more or less invisible. For smaller conservatories or those with hardly any storage space, there are ceiling devices that take up hardly any space at all. Find out more about how you can enjoy your conservatory this summer, contact Sub Zero Climate Control and ask about conservatory cooling today.

Posted in: News - On: 7th of May, 2014