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Air Conditioning Units for the Office

In business, there is only one chance at creating a first impression on customers and visitors. All business owners know times are challenging economically, so it becomes increasingly important to leave visitors and customers with a positive lasting impression. Presentation is a critical tool for any business owner and those office environments that are comfortable, pleasant and offer a good working atmosphere and air of positivity are those people will return to time and again.

Office air conditioning is one of the ways to make the right impression on clients, customers and other visitors. Success has as much to do with how a business and its offices are perceived as the product or service they are supplying. If your office is appealing in its interior d├ęcor and furnishings and has a perfect ambient air temperature and clean air for doing business, then half the battle is won.

The Professional Solution

Professional offices know that to attract custom, they must make people want to come to them for meetings or visits. Quite often businesses can lose out to another competitor based on office environment. A well-run pleasant atmosphere is far more appealing than an office where windows are wide open on summer days with traffic noise and fumes pervading the space. The quiet efficiency of office air conditioning may just be enough to give your office the leading edge.

Installing the right office air conditioning will give an atmosphere that is pleasant for staff members working, maintaining steady productivity year round with no downturn when weather conditions make the office too hot or too cold. Office air conditioning can reduce humidity build up and replenish stuffy air, which can lead to airborne spread of disease.

There are certain things to be considered when buying office air conditioning. Important facts your air conditioning engineering company will need are the number of people who will be working in the office, the number of windows and the size of the room. This information will allow the correct calculations to be performed to give exactly the right air conditioning solution for your particular needs.
Other information is useful to know and a reputable air conditioning company will guide you through the whole process to ensure you end up with a system that is compatible with your building, offers the most efficient operation, and easy to maintain. Here we give you some facts and figures you may be wanting to know when considering your choice.

British Thermal Unit Rating (BTU)

This rating gives the amount of heat your office air conditioning unit can remove from your office. Higher ratings mean greater amounts of heat is removed, so judging the correct size for your office space will be for your air conditioning engineer to discuss with you.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

This rating tells how much energy is needed for the office air conditioning unit to work efficiently. Higher EER ratings use less energy to power the air conditioning but the higher the EER, the more costly the purchase price will be. This trade off will be something for you to discuss to find the right compromise. Cheaper energy bills over five years is likely to be more beneficial than average energy bills over the same period as the price differences between higher and lower ranked EER should make up for energy cost. EER on air conditioning for office environments is usually between 8 and 11.5.

Temperature Control

Most office air conditioning units have heat sensor thermostats installed which adjust the air temperature on entry to the unit. This is achieved automatically by either a manual type control or a programmable control. These thermostat controls are useful in office air conditioning units that have variable speed fans attached as this also assists in cooling the air on entry and exit from the unit. Useful extras particularly in an office are a remote control, digital readout of temperature and unit functions and a timer.

Proper office air conditioning that also incorporates a heat pump for winter months will pay dividends every day. Staff morale will be better, the atmosphere will be positively charged, air will be clean and fresh, and productivity will be maintained. Compare this to some fans moving around stuffy air and sending paperwork flying, staff suffering from pollen allergies as windows are left wide open and computers overheating, then air conditioning will be an obvious choice.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 18th of May, 2013