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Motorhome Air Conditioning Systems

Motorhomes or Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are very popular with people who enjoy go as you please holidays in a home from home. To be able to pack some supplies and take off at a moments notice in your motorhome is appealing to many and makes accommodation issues when visiting friends and family negligible, in fact it is likely people will want to sleep in your motorhome with you so well equipped they are these days.

Many people use their motorhomes in the summer months and the majority will wend their way through Europe to sunny destinations, which is why air conditioning in a motorhome is an essential appliance. After all when it is thirty degrees or more outside, without air conditioning your motorhome will be an oven with the occupants roasting away inside.

There are many different kinds of unit and the motorhome air conditioning units we supply such as Coleman Mach, Airva & Air Command air conditioners, leaders in their field, are designed to give you years of trouble free cooling. Like all appliances, some maintenance is necessary to prevent trouble building up and cleaning and repairs when they are needed will add life to your unit.

As suppliers of motorhome air conditioning, we are often asked questions and in this article, we take time to answer some of the most common queries we receive. If there are questions we have not covered, feel free to contact us. We start by explaining how a motorhome air conditioner works.

How Motorhome Air Conditioning Works

A rooftop air conditioner has a sealed compressor, which circulates and pressurises Freon through two coils to remove heat from air circulating through the interior. The compressor also exhausts this heated air to the outside of the motorhome.

The air conditioner fan motor operates a fan, which pulls cool air through one of the coils, and, regular propeller fan blows hot air through the other coil so it will exhausts outside the unit.

The air conditioner fan and compressor use a capacitor for boosting power at each start up to avoid overloading the electrical circuit and tripping out. The air conditioner may only have one capacitor to start and run the fan and compressor, or they will have a separate capacitor.

Other components comprise of a thermostat, which is wall mounted or in the unit, a power switch, various relays and circuit boards.

Motorhome Air Conditioning Maintenance

Cleaning the Coils

Dirty coils in the air conditioning unit cause one of the most common problems. The coils are similar to a car radiator and must be clean to allow the cool and hot air to pass easily through the small openings.

After a long period of use, coils will gather dust and other debris in the coil openings, which causes inefficiency in the cooling properties of the unit. Regular cleaning with a special coil cleaner will help to keep your system running efficiently. While it is possible to clean the coils yourself, the cleaning materials contain corrosive chemicals so great care needs to be taken to avoid damage to your motorhome and painted surfaces. We always recommend having this kind of job done by a professional for peace of mind and it will be included in a regular maintenance – after all, you can drive in and we will take car of it for you simply and affordably.

Lubricating the Fan Motor

Lubricating the fan motor is important to keep the fan motor shaft turning with using as little electrical power as possible. The oil tubes are usually located above the fan motor seals on each end of the motor. Adding a few drops of machine oil from time to time will keep the bearings lubricated.

Even if your fan motor has sealed bearings, you can spray good quality lubricant around them to provide some lubrication. As we stated before, we advise that this be left to your regular maintenance engineer, as it is possible to get the lubricant on electrical connections. Always clean away any excess oil.

If you have not considered a maintenance plan for your motorhome air conditioning, then call us today and chat about what we can offer to keep you cool while you travel the highways and byways. We can also install units into existing vehicles and will be happy to give you a no obligation quotation.

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