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Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi split system air conditioning systems come in different styles. There are the wall mounted reverse cycle split system air conditioners which include non-inverter and inverter models that are ideal for single rooms through to bigger open plan sitting rooms. There are various new features that have been introduced into the air conditioning systems such as i-see Sensor, Plasma Duo filter systems and Catechin filters. Being a leader in the air conditioning technology market, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have gone deep into providing cost effective air conditioning systems that are comfortable and very flexible. Among the wall mounted air conditioning systems, there is an additional feature that is the Hyper Heating Series. This is available in floor console and wall mounted. This series delivers constant indoor heating capacity irrespective of the temperature outside. It delivers even when the temperature outside drops to as low as -15C. There are also the Console Split System air conditioners that are designed for installation at the floor level thereby providing more heating comfort for the users.

Console split system air conditioners come in two different categories, namely the MFZ-FB VAH Hyper Heating and the standard MFZ- KA- VA series. The hyper-heating series, unlike the conventional air conditioning system, do not lose their heating capacity even when it is very cold outside. They deliver the same quantity of heat irrespective of the temperature outside. There are also the ducted air conditioning systems that are meant to enhance the living environment. Mitsubishi Electric provides both the reverse cycle ducted heating or the ducted cooling system. both are produced with the aim of providing ultimate comfort in the living area. The ducted air conditioning system provides heat during the winter season and clear crystal clear cool air during the summer season. The ducted air conditioning systems are perfect for many rooms’ applications and can also integrate zone selection if there is a need for it.

There is also the Multi Head Split type system which is meant for greater flexibility. The inverter multi split system comes with an innovative design that allows about 8 indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit. The 8 units can either be wall mounted, floor mounted, ducted, or ceiling cassette indoor unit heat pumps with different capacities that can be controlled from a solitary outdoor unit. There is also the City Multi VRF that can take more than 8 indoor units from a single outdoor unit.

Sub Zero are proud to supply Mitsubishi split system air conditioning systems.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 19th of July, 2011