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Make the most of your conservatory this winter!

When it comes to keeping your house warm during those bitter winter months, it all boils down to two words: thermal insulation. There are many ways to use thermal insulation effectively, but it is important to remember that insulation will not turn your home into a warm and cosy shelter from those harsh winter nights all alone, but it should be considered as one piece of an overall heating strategy jigsaw. Even if you decide to insulate your lofts and walls, and install double glazing, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that your home is still feeling a little nippy.

If you decide to investigate a little further, it often turns out that the reason your house remains an ice box is that you don’t even have the heating on. It doesn’t matter how well insulated your home is – if you turn that heating dial down to 0, then the temperature within your humble abode will at some point become the same as the temperature outdoors. All the insulation does is simply slow down the rate at which this occurs. Some form of a heating system is a must.

Of course, no discussion about the ins and outs of heating in the home would be complete without considering those beautiful little glass extensions we like to call conservatories. These days a conservatory is widely considered to be an essential add-on to the modern home, and indeed it can provide a delightful part of the home to while away those relaxing mornings and evenings, especially when it would be too cold to sit out in the garden. But most have higher expectations than that from their conservatory, and will assume that their conservatories should provide a comfortable living accommodation, whatever the time of year it is.

Just like with the rest of your house, expecting your conservatory to do this without any help just isn’t realistic. A conservatory is, more often than not, a structure made largely from glass. Glass as a material is extremely poor at keeping heat trapped in. Heat will unavoidably escape through a single glazed window almost fifteen times faster than through your bog standard cavity wall – and through standard double-glazed windows up to eight times faster.

So when you undoubtedly decide upon installing a conservatory heating system, you will then begin to worry about how this heat is going to disappear rapidly out through the glass to warm the surrounding cold air. Luckily there are now heating systems for conservatories that have been especially designed to heat your little glass home effectively and efficiently, such as the latest inverter driven heat pump units. Reducing the heat lost to the atmosphere while keeping your conservatory toasty during winter. Bingo.

And to think that these little beauties can keep you cool in your conservatory during the summer months too.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 16th of January, 2012