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Is maintenance for my Air conditioning Unit necessary?

When warm weather hits there’s nothing more refreshing than turning on the air conditioning and regulating both the temperature and the humidity level to absolute perfection. Opening a window might be fine in the short run, but it really won’t work as well as a system that’s been precision engineered for the task. However, as air conditioning units aren’t cheap, it’s well worth making sure that it’s an investment that’s well maintained.

Ensuring a healthy and optimum supply of air requires more than simply cooling the atmosphere. A complete system will regulate both the humidity and the temperature, and many systems will also filter the particles in the environment, creating a hypoallergenic space. This is perfect for a busy family home or an office packed full of workers who might start to struggle in an unpleasant, humid workspace.

Regular AC Servicing

Air conditioning maintenance should be performed regularly and with a complete care package that will ensure the maximum benefit for the specific unit in use. The delicate filtration system used in most units means that air conditioning repairs can help to keep air purifying components working correctly. For houses with children this is essential for keeping little ones with hay fever breathing clearly all through the summer months; for commercial units this can prevent the spread of colds and viruses through the winter months.

It can be tempting to leave an air conditioning unit and not bother with annual services, especially if the system seems to be working fine, but this is a false economy. Regular aircon servicing will detect problems before they strike, and obviously a system that’s faulty will break when it’s most under strain: so that means when you need it most, that’s when it’ll stop working.

Many new homes are built with air conditioning as standard and learning to practise good AC care means that when it’s time to sell the home any integrated system will be a huge boost to the value of the property, whereas a defunct unit will put potential buyers off. Likewise in business premises it’s important to keep staff in a comfortable environment, not just for productivity but also to keep within the law regarding employee rights. Just as with any essential piece of office equipment, or the white goods in any home, the air conditioning system needs to be treated carefully to make sure that everyone gets the very best out of the system, because a broken unit is as good as no unit at all.

If you realise the importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance please contact Sub Zero Climate control to discus what options are available for maintaining the health of your AC system.

Posted in: Air Conditioning Maintenance News - On: 13th of August, 2014