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Why invest in Conservatory Air Conditioning

So, you’ve built that dream conservatory and you’re looking forward to an extra oasis of calm at home. Natural light pouring in can be a wonderful mood changer and there are so many plus points to having this extra special room to enjoy. All good, but having achieved all that, make sure you really add the finest finishing touches.

Conservatories are a wonderful middle ground between being shut away in the house and exposed to the elements in the garden, but climate control is not their strong point. Without proper air conditioning you risk spending large parts of the year sweltering or shivering as the temperature fluctuates rapidly with every change in the weather. You’ve made a big investment in your home and air conditioning can ensure you stay comfortably cool and warm all year round.

Cost Effective Air Conditioning for Conservatories

Maybe the cost has put you off, but actually there are some very efficient systems available these days and it may even be cheaper in the end to have a stand alone system just for the conservatory. You don’t need to alter your central heating or rely on plug in appliances. A separate heat pump can be installed outside, providing cool air circulation in the summer and warmth during the winter. Stay perfectly in control of your own environment and tailor the temperature to your needs each day. They are also quieter than they used to be, making air conditioning an almost silent luxury.

Do your homework to find out the best solution for your space. There are low wall mounted heaters and high wall versions, some up to 4 times more efficient than plug in heaters. Teamed with blinds, you can achieve a great combination of natural temperature and light control.
Don’t forget there are other benefits too with some systems.

If condensation tends to be an issue, you can opt for a system which includes a dehumidifier. There will also be times when you feel you don’t need to run either air conditioning or heating, but would be more comfortable with some air circulation, in which case a system with a fan only setting will be another plus point for you. Make that new space work brilliantly in all seasons, making one of the most beautiful household havens comfortable all year round.

Posted in: News - On: 3rd of April, 2014