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Heating a Conservatory in Winter

A conservatory is an addition to a home that is different from conventional room spaces. The construction is mostly of different types of glass that have different properties for heat retention and cooling. One thing that is universal with conservatories is that if you wish to enjoy them on cool evenings or in the wintertime, you will need some form of heating. There are many different methods of heating but the heat from a radiator or plug in heater does not circulate the air properly for a comfortable experience.

The nature of the building materials means that heat will escape from a double glazed conservatory up to eight times as fast as through a normal cavity wall. Therefore, any kind of heating will disperse more quickly than in the rest of the house. Of course by its nature a conservatory will “store” heat as it will retain the heat of the day if there is enough sunshine and the use of blinds can help to preserve the heat. If your conservatory has roof vents, these can be closed to prevent heat escaping.

These measures all help to conserve heat but a proper solution is required for the wintertime and cooler times of the year. There are pros and cons with all different types of conservatory heating, but we are confident that the best option is the use of air conditioning units, which means you can keep your conservatory at an ambient temperature that suits you in winter and summer. This type of system is also ideal if you choose to grow delicate plants such as orchids in your conservatory.

Inverter technology means the air conditioning unit utilises the heat pump to warm air drawn from outside and distribute it throughout the conservatory to keep you warm and supplies cool air when the temperature inside the conservatory is soaring.

A simple inverter air conditioning unit is energy efficient and affordable and gives you instant heat and cooling via remote control or conventional switch. A digital timer can be set so the conservatory warms up to the temperature of your choice or cools down so the space is ready for you when you want to use it.

Many people overlook the fact that conservatories can become unbearably hot even in modest sunshine, which can cause some types of bamboo and wooden conservatory furniture to dry out and become brittle leading to cracking and breakage over time. Plants will wilt and the soil will dry out quickly so there are other good reasons to ensure your conservatory is temperature controlled.

Our fully qualified accredited engineers will calculate exactly the right size of air conditioning unit to cool and heat your conservatory meaning you will have an energy efficient and economical solution to controlling the temperature of your conservatory. A conservatory is a significant investment in a home, so enjoy it all year round with a simple, effective heating solution.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 2nd of November, 2012