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Heat Pumps

Home heating costs account for more than 60 per cent of the annual bill so anything that can be done to reduce energy usage and to streamline the systems in the home is going to be beneficial from a cost perspective and will account for great energy savings too.

A conventional electric heating system is one of the least economical types, yet many homes in the UK rely solely on electricity for their heating needs. While it may be expensive, it is 100% efficient. If 1Kw of electricity is used to run an electric heater, then 1Kw of heat is expended from the device. As long as heat is not being wasted, what you see is what you get. It would seem that to reduce consumption, the heater would need to be turned down or turned off.

However, an electrical alternative is becoming increasingly popular owing to the heavy reduction on energy usage and costs. With heat pump air conditioning, as an alternative form of electrical heating, you can expect three times more efficiency over conventional electrical heating. Simply put, this means, if you put one kilowatt of electricity into a heat pump, you get at least 3 kilowatt of heat out.

Inverter Heat Pump

Better than a standard heat pump is the inverter air conditioning heat pump, that pumps out over three times more energy in heat than is consumed. This is due to the efficient functioning of this type of system where warm air is transferred from outside. Conventional heater power is converted into heat while the heat pump powers the pump that circulates liquid through the system. It works the same way as a refrigerator. The heat pump in your fridge takes the warm air from inside the fridge and releases it outside which is why the back of your fridge is warm. It continues working even when the inside is colder than the outside.

Heat pump air conditioning warms the home the same way. Even on cold days, the heat pump can extract warm air from the cold air outside and transfer it into a heated room, just as your fridge keeps extracting heat from your freezer even when it is below zero. The heat pump can still warm your home when the air outside is at zero degrees.

Heat Pumps can be reversed to provide cooling on hot days. A modern inverter air conditioner is quiet and unobtrusive, ideal for homes and living spaces. The heat pump will turn your 1Kw of electricity and turn it into 4 Kw of heat. This makes the running cost less than half that of gas or traditional electric heating. Heat pumps cost more to install than conventional electric heaters but they pay for themselves with low running costs year round.

Heat pumps are also less harmful to the environment as there are no carbon dioxide emissions to contribute to global warming.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 1st of October, 2012