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Heat Pump Maintenance: The Importance of Air Filters

One of the first things your air conditioning engineer will look at if you are having problems with your cooling and heating system is the air filter. This component is one of the primary parts that need to function at optimum levels to keep your system running well. You would be surprised at the extensive list of minor and major problems that can occur when your air filter is clogged or dirty. Air filter changes are vital to heat pump maintenance.

Heat Pump Maintenance

In particular, the heat pump needs to rely on a consistent high airflow volume to heat or cool your home effectively. When an air filter is dirty or clogged it can impact on the airflow and cause your system to run below proper performance levels. Heat pump technology is straightforward and heat pumps give year on year of reliable service providing they have the required heat pump maintenance necessary.

It is not only heat pump maintenance that needs the air filter checked; all components will operate at optimum levels if the air filter is clean. If a filter is not regularly changed or cleaned and dirt builds up, it will show in your personal comfort and in your energy bills as the air conditioning system uses more energy to deliver the performance it should. This additional wear and tear can lead in the longer term to more repairs and breakdowns, so regular air filter attention will save time and money.

Regular Air Filter Maintenance

Home air conditioning air filters should be changed monthly or bi-monthly and heavy duty systems operating 24/7 should have filters attended to every fortnight or so. Making this part of your regular home maintenance routine will prevent issues before they begin. All air conditioning systems will have different rates of blocking up and gathering dust so it is best not to wait until you can see matted dust on the vents, but to have a regular task in place to check, clean or replace it. This is one home DIY job you can do as part of your heat pump maintenance.

Air filters use something called MERV ratings which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, an efficiency rating ranging from 1 to 12. The higher the rating, the better as this indicates a filter that is more effective than lower ranked filters at removing air borne particles such as mould, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Common Types of Air Conditioning Filter

Disposable fibreglass filters are commonplace in most small air conditioning systems that are used in the domestic or small commercial premises. For this kind of filter, no cleaning is necessary and once the filter shows signs of dust gathering it should be replaced. These filters are very inexpensive but do not offer the effectiveness of other types

Disposable pleated fibreglass filters are used in many commercial and residential premises. They are slighty more efficient than the other kind of disposable filter owing to a more densely woven filter. They also have a larger surface area to trap dust and dirt.

An electrostatic filter is a product of different design and performance, and offers allergy free attributes. The airflow moving through the filter generates a static charge that collects any particles. They take a little more cleaning than other types

Electronic filters only need cleaning once every six months and rely on an electrical power source. Usually wall mounted, the filter has a pre-filter that captures larger particles as well.

Carbon filters are useful if you have a home with pets or smokers. This kind of filter contains carbon, which controls any odour issues by filtering out any unwanted smells.

Air Conditioning Filter Installation

You can fit a new air filter yourself but ensure the filter is fitted the correct way round for the airflow. The filter needs to fit tightly with a perfect seal to prevent unfiltered air entering the air conditioning unit.
The recommended solution is to check with your air conditioning company or engineer for advice if you are unsure of doing this job on your own.

Posted in: Domestic Air Con Solutions Latest News - On: 29th of March, 2013