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Games & Play Rooms

Do you have a playroom or games room that you need to keep warm/cool throughout the year?

Have you already tried halogen heaters, convector heaters, oil filled radiators etc?

Sub Zero have installed numerous systems in children’s playrooms and nurseries over the years and can offer a safe, efficient way of heating a playroom which is unobtrusive and easy to use.

A heat pump air conditioner is the simple solution to HEAT AND  COOL your playroom or games room,  the indoor unit can be positioned away from exploring hands and there is no danger of anyone getting burn injuries from the unit as there is no heater element in the system. The typical noise level from the indoor unit is less than the whisper level  in a library meaning virtual silence when the unit is running, the perfect solution to create the perfect environment for children big or small!

Posted in: Uncategorized - On: 14th of April, 2011