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Fujitsu V-II

When it comes to looking for solutions for larger capacity multi air conditioning systems solutions Fujitsu offers the versatile Airstage V-II system. More than ever energy efficiency matters not only for environmental reasons and cost savings but for compliance with energy audits under legislation as well. The Fujitsu V-II is one of the latest generation of air conditioning systems by Fujitsu that have been specifically engineered to meet environmental and energy efficiency standards.

Part of Fujitsu’s J series, the V-II is a powerful workhouse and delivers performance on all levels coupled with cost and energy savings. Installation is simple as with all the other air conditioning systems in the J-series range and delivers a powerful 135KW cooling capacity. The Fujitsu V-II demonstrates power and reliability and has a high performance DC inverter. Using a single outdoor unit to service eight indoor units, it is compact and discrete despite its large capacity powerful output.

The Fujitsu V-II large capacity multi air conditioning system from FGE has a host of new features from Fujitsu engineering and offers EER/COP that is significantly improved over earlier models by using Fujitsu’s own inverter technology and refrigerant cooling technology.

Sometimes older buildings or more complex structures present challenges for air conditioning but the versatility and size of the Fujitsu provides an innovative solution for the most complex installations. Larger buildings demand maximum performance for their air conditioning systems, which is why the Fujitsu V-II system fits the bill with a guaranteed operation range of cooling to 15 ºC and heating to -20 ºC.

Air conditioning is an important part of climate control and employers know that the use of air conditioning is a priority in the work place these days due to health and safety considerations and employment law. Employees are allowed to go home if the temperature rises above a certain level so for the sake of productivity and keeping employees comfortable, an air conditioning system is an asset to any company.

The Fujitsu V-II provides a healthy environment changing air and maintaining air quality in an affordable, air conditioning system featuring advanced technology and the pedigree of one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

If you are looking for reliability and ease of installation combined with powerful delivery, the Fujitsu V-II air conditioning system is high quality, energy saving, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is ideal for the larger space for apartments, large homes, businesses, and industry. Fujitsu are proud of their product range and advanced technology. Their motto is “the intelligent choice in comfort” and with the Fujitsu V-II, there are many good reasons why.

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Posted in: Latest News - On: 21st of May, 2012