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Energy efficient Fujitsu Heating Systems

Fujitsu is a leading manufacturer of air conditioning and heating systems. They have come up trumps with the latest high wall mounted air conditioning units featuring inverter technology. The units that are ideal for any application where heating and cooling is required. The smart looking high wall models pack a punch with powerful performance, but are also super energy efficient.

Fujitsu engineering delivers one of the best power savings of all time. They will heat larger areas effortlessly yet still deliver the quietness, energy saving and features you would expect from Fujitsu.

Super Energy Savings

The powerful heat pumps deliver all the heat you will ever need. Fujitsu’s all-DC engineering is very efficient – the ASTA24LC model, for example will give you three times the value of the energy cost. If you spend a £1.00 in electricity, you will get £3.50 in equivalent heat

All the Heat you Require

Fujitsu inverter technology delivers all the heat you need, just when you need it. You will be warm and cosy even when it is freezing outside, and the reverse cycle uses the same engineering to cool and dehumidify your home in summer.

Whisper Quiet

Excellent fan technology, plus “quiet mode” on most Fujitsu models means that noise is not an issue. Fujitsu decibel levels even for our larger heat pumps operating on full capacity are usually quieter than any other brand. Whisper quiet is a Fujitsu fact – not just an advertising claim.

A Fresher, Healthier Home

Fujitsu’s advanced air purifying and deodorising filters absorb minute dust particles, invisible mould spores, pollen, and other harmful microorganisms to give you a healthier home environment.

Inner Drying Operation

This function prevents the growth of mould and bacteria on the indoor heat exchanger, thereby providing a cleaner, healthier environment.

Long-life Ion deodorisation filter

The filter absorbs common household odours, kitchen, and pet smells.

Power diffuser

Strong vertical airflow provides powerful floor level heating. Healthy horizontal airflow does not blow cool air directly at the occupants in the room.

Wall controller (Optional)

The Fujitsu Wall Controller is a smart optional extra – it is very simple to use, and has features to help you control your comfort with maximum efficiency and convenience. The 7-day programmable timer means you can simply set and forget; with up to two-x start and two x stop settings per day. For example, it can be set to start just prior to you waking in the morning, and then switch off automatically when you leave for work, then come on just prior to the time you come home, and then switch off again at bedtime. Other features include temperature set-back timers, allowing you to choose different, ideal temperatures for day and night time, child lock, memory back-up setting for quick return to your favoured settings, and there’s even a filter maintenance display.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 25th of October, 2012