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Fujitsu Heating System

A Fujitsu Heating System from Sub Zero Climate Control is an economical, easy, and safe way to heat an individual room or your whole house keeping the temperature at a level where you are always comfortable. It sounds a luxurious way of avoiding cold mornings and stifling summer nights but you would be surprised at how affordable a Fujitsu heating system really is.

Fujitsu’s touch control means you can choose exactly the right temperature to suit you individually and the systems can be programmed to come on and off at a pre-selected time of day.

In essence, a Fujitsu heating system is based on heat pump technology. There is no heating element, and a compressor transfers the heat in the outside air into your house or individual room in the same way a refrigerator transfers heat from inside the refrigerator to outside (as felt by the warm air at the back of a refrigerator). This simple but effective technology is quiet in operation, the fuel source (fresh air) is free, and the running costs are cheaper than any other kind of heating system on the market.

Because so little power is required to create heat, for every £1.00 spent on electricity, you will gain up to £4.00 in heat terms from your Fujitsu heating system. Fujitsu can outperform most competition on efficiency, whisper quiet operation and efficiency. The slim, compact designs fit any interior discretely with lots of clever features to increase power, better your energy savings, and deliver fresh, healthy air to your environment

What Makes Fujitsu Heating Systems So Efficient?

A total Fujitsu Heating Solution allows you to mix and match the areas of the house to be heated. Each room unit has an air handler in the form of a small discrete unit mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or at floor level. This type of system from Fujitsu is known as a ductless split system with heat pump technology.

Each unit around the home can be set to create the right temperature for the room it is in and maintain that temperature constantly. How many of us have experienced central heating systems where some parts of the house are very hot and others much colder. Because the Fujitsu systems can be so closely controlled, you can create a balanced temperature throughout the house and at the flick of a switch; turn off individual units in each room.

The cost savings will soon mount up, as you are able to be as close to 100% efficient in your heating and energy use. The heat pumps in Fujitsu heating systems use ultra efficient inverter technology. This technology utilises a compressor with a motor that has variable speed depending on the heating demand. This type of patented Fujitsu compressor is inexpensive to operate and supplies even balanced airflow at ambient temperature of choice.

Would Changing My Heating System Be Messy

Naturally, if you were removing a traditional boiler and radiator system there would be some disruption but the beauty of the Fujitsu heating systems is you can try out a single unit that can be installed in a room inexpensively to see the huge benefits of proper climate and humidity control. If you think the system is for you, then you can move to a whole house solution easily. Installation is simple and our highly qualified engineers will calculate the optimum unit size for each room to ensure the greatest cost savings and efficiency.

A Fujitsu heating system is unobtrusive in the home, no more ugly radiators and wall space you cannot use. For those for whom aesthetics are important, a unit can be fitted for example into a kitchen cabinet to provide you with summer cooling and winter warmth through a grille fitting.

Other Benefits

Apart from money saving, good looks and efficiency, your Fujitsu heating system has several health benefits. There are filters that reduce odours from smoke, cooking, and pets that will also reduce dust particles in the air making it an ideal solution for anyone with allergies. Some of the Fujitsu appliances even have self-cleaning filters that sterilise airborne dust and dirt. Take a look at some of our customer reviews who have embraced this type of heating and see the difference it has made to them.

All units have remote control options and technology is available to enable setting of timers for switch on and off from smart devices such as laptops and smart phones.

In these times where we all need to be more energy conscious and try and save money, the Fujitsu heating systems are highly recommended to fulfil both aims. Why not call us today to discuss the options suitable for your home.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 9th of December, 2012