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Fujitsu Air Conditioning Systems

Manufacturers have been pushed to come up with different innovations of air conditioners due to the increased usage of the product in recent times. Customers are looking for new and trendy AC units and the manufacturers are perpetually on their feet looking for ways to satisfy the expectations of their consumers. Fujitsu, one of the foremost manufacturers of air conditioning units in the UK, has added some unique features to its range in response to customers demand.

There are wide varieties of features that have been added to their products such as the Slender Fit which has become a big hit. The company has also expanded its multi split air conditioning units to accommodate a new range of bigger systems. And one of the unique things about the new air conditioners is that they can function in simultaneous operation mode so that they can provide heated or cooled air to all the interior units which are connected simultaneously. They can also function in individual operation mode which comprises a two circuit condenser for joint heating and cooling operations. When the system is functioning in simultaneous mode, the single condenser can supply all the internal units that are connected for cooling purposes.

The single condenser has a minimal cooling power of about 26.4kw. There is also the heat pump version that allows all the connected internal units to cool or heat all the space available. There are other unique features of all the different kinds of air con from Fujitsu that make life easier for users. You can also get combined cooling and heating mode from the individual model which comes with a twin compressor. The twin compressor can be switched to offer heating to some chosen internal units while the other units remain in cooling mode. It can also operate in extreme cold weather conditions.

There is no doubt that air conditioning is very essential in a business area. Many offices suffer from high degree of heat generated by the telecommunications and IT equipment in the office. The air conditioner units from Fujitsu have the ability to improve the working condition of the business area by offering free flow of cool air throughout the office area. There is a special on-board micro computer program which equals airflow with varying room temperature. There are various options offered by Fujitsu to companies to make their working environment conducive for their employers.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 15th of September, 2011