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Energy generation for air conditioning systems

Over the years, there has become the necessity to use the natural force, especially the sun, to provide means of cooling in the world. There is the general belief that the sun does not have anything to offer as far as cooling effect is concern. And really when you consider the prickly heat that consumes the rooms during the summer period, you will agree with the above belief. But if you take time to think on the abundant energy available in the sun, you will understand that there is a great balance in the concept of solar cooling.

The idea behind the solar cooling system is about the need for a greener air conditioner system, power extracted from the forces of nature. It is no news that air conditioning is greatly appreciated in the developed world, especially during the summer period. However, this is definitely not without high cost. Willis Haviland Carrier was the person who invented the air conditioning unit in 1902. The air conditioner then cooled the air through the use of refrigerant cooled coils.

The usual air conditioner today is not so different from the early one, gulping electrical current from the grid to condense gaseous refrigerants back to liquid status in a cooling cycle. Of course, the amount of electricity used gets to the peak during the summer period due to the high demand of energy to power air conditioning systems in various homes. In America more than 80% of households have air conditioning systems. And therefore, there is a great demand placed on the power companies.

In order to find solution to this plight, many of the companies producing air conditioning systems are coming up with different packages containing solar photovoltaic panels to reduce the demand on electricity. For example, LG Electronics recently invented the solar hybrid cooling system. Lennox also has Sun Source solar assisted cooling and heating systems. However, it is essential to mention that a PV that is linked to a conventional air conditioner system is not the ideal solution. For instance, a central air conditioning unit in the home requires between about two and five thousand watts of power but the LG’s solar panel can only offer seventy watts of the needed power. Now imagine where the bulk of the needed watts of power are drawn from. There is still a far distance to go in relation to the power issue.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 12th of August, 2011