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Daikin Industries VRV III

Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a global leader in the market of commercial and industrial use air conditioning systems, with more than 40% of the market share in Japan and a well-established presence in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America Daikin Industries, Ltd. is included in the Nikkei 225 Index.

They have been market leaders for decades and the original Daikin VRV® system was designed in 1985. Since then technological advances have made this an energy efficient, advanced air conditioning system that operates across different climates outdoors and indoors. Scaled down models are available for the residential market and commercially, VRV III system has received accolades from the building industry and end-users.

The Daikin VRV® system features a highly intelligent inverter-driven compressor that allows for individual control of up to 24 indoor fan coil units. Fully optimized to operate with R-410A refrigerant, the systems technology enables the output of the outdoor unit to be modulated by the cooling or heating demand of the zones it controls.

The Daikin VRV III central air-conditioning system is energy efficient, saves approximately 40% of electricity use, and is an ideal replacement to chillers. Quietness is another important feature of Daikin’s VRV III systems. Noise reduction was an important feature and advanced technology features are applied to all outdoor units.

Daikin is rightfully proud of the VRV III series, which is well suited to large-sized buildings. This air conditioning system provides outdoor units that extend air conditioning capacity up to 54 HP. It also incorporates numerous outstanding features, such as a wide range of outdoor and indoor units, long actual and total piping length, and high external static pressure. The VRV III series provides the power and versatility needed for flexible design and easy installation in large-sized buildings. The Heat Recovery Series also enables simultaneous cooling and heating, meeting the various needs for temperature control.

The range of VRV air conditioning systems has been extended with the technologically advanced VRV III-C inverter controlled heat pump system, designed specially for installation in cold climates. The VRV III-C provides highly efficient heating in outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C. It features newly developed 2-stage compression technology, providing better heating performance.

The VRV III series has specially designed models for high outdoor temperatures, with an extensive capacity ranging from 8 to 36 HP. Cooling operations in this range can be performed with outdoor temperatures as high as 50°C. This series incorporates Daikin’s latest technologies, including long piping and high external pressure, to meet the diverse needs of customers

Posted in: Domestic Air Con Solutions Latest News - On: 11th of May, 2012