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Daikin Air Conditioning Systems

The name Daikin is synonymous to air conditioning systems and refrigerants. Daikin manufacture both refrigerants and air conditioning systems. The company creates some of the most aesthetically and technologically sophisticated systems that have ever been introduced. The main motive behind the production of the air conditioning systems and refrigerants is to redefine the experience of relief. The passion for precision has motivated Daikin to come up with different products that are tailored to provide maximum comfort to the people. These products include Quaternity, Daikin Altherma, Sky Air and VRV; they all epitomise absolute performance and ultimate comfort. With Daikin, there is a redefinition of the way people think about air conditioning systems.

There are some things that are special with this company that is worth mentioning. Firstly, the reliability and absolute performance that is attached to the brand. The company has sold millions of air conditioning and refrigerants in over 45 countries over the world. There is also the engineering and technical know-how which has been the driving force since inception. Ever since the company came into existence in 1982, Daikin has consistently exhibited its technological leadership that is backed by top of the line product features, resulting in outstanding production capabilities and superior product support.

Daikin have a singular pursuit of comfort. The belief that is at work at Daikin is that an air conditioning unit should be pure to the core, and as a result of this, Daikin manufactures every important component of the systems that it brings out. Even the refrigerants are produced by Daikin itself, making Daikin the only company that does that. With Daikin, there is total comfort and absolute performance. With the company’s aesthetic and technological sophistication, Daikin offers one of the best warranties for its systems that you can find in the industry. Daikin is recognised for its exceptional service and supports by customers and technicians alike. The product range of Daikin include the following: Daikin Inverter Ducted, Sky Air Units and Controls, Split system, Daikin Altherma and VRV Units and Control. All these products are perfect for every country, including those countries with extreme temperatures.

At Sub Zero we’re proud to supply Daikin air con systems.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 3rd of August, 2011