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Minimise the Costs of Air Conditioning Keeping an Eye on Ducts

One thing that is vital for air conditioning is the good placement of ducts in the home. This is not so much of a problem in a newly constructed building but in an existing building air conditioning, installations sometimes have badly placed ducts to fit around the existing structure, which leads to inefficiency of operation, and build up of dirt and debris in the ducts, which exacerbates the problem. Costs of air conditioning keeping in mind this aspect should be controlled if your duct placement is good.

Good duct placements give lower air conditioning costs, energy costs, heating costs, and repair costs yielding the greatest comfort in the home. If you are considering an air conditioning system installation whether building a property, utilising an existing property, or already have a ducted system, by understanding a little about ducts you can easily assess where duct placement should be and see if an existing system is up to scratch.


Duct placement has a tangible effect on your energy costs and operational efficiency. Ducts are where airflow delivers warm or cool air throughout the home and often they are installed wherever it is easiest, with little regard for the effect on the finished system. This may be cost saving for the installer but not for the homeowner who has to pay for these costs of air conditioning keeping track of every utility bill.

Bad Duct Placement

Bad placement of ducts comes in different shapes and forms but a common bad placement is the duct that is positioned too close to a doorway. Air comes in and then circles out of the door without reaching all of the room. Because the air cannot circulate with a proper airflow (as the doorway keeps grabbing back the air), the room takes much longer to reach temperature. The extra running of the system to reach temperature and all of the stops and starts along the way adjusting the temperature repeatedly means repair costs increase and there is more wear and tear on the system. Bad ducting may be installed because of cost or time. For example a shorter duct may save money and installation time but will not allow the system to run optimally.

Good Duct Placement

Good duct placement minimises energy costs and repair bills. Using the bad duct placement example of a duct near a doorway, a good duct placement will be as far away from the door as possible. Cooled or heated air that arrives in the room will mix and be cooled or heated efficiently with less wear and tear on the system and less energy usage

We can help you to ensure you air conditioning system is running as efficiently as possible by performing a survey in your home and advising on the condition and placement of your air ducts.

Cleaning Air Ducts

Cleaning your air ducts from time to time is also essential for efficient operation. There can also be a build up various particles and pollutants in the ductwork. Mould is something that can present a health hazard and any signs of mould should be thoroughly cleaned. Air duct cleaning can contribute towards saving costs of air conditioning keeping your bills manageable. Bad duct placement can exacerbate indoor pollution and most people are aware that this is an issue of growing concern.

Duct cleaning of the various cooling and heating components of your system will include supply and return air ducts, grilles, registers, and diffusers. Heat exchangers g and coils, drain pans, fan motor and housing will all be cleaned.

Ducts may become polluted with dust particles, pollen, or other debris. If there is moisture present, then there is risk of mould growth and spores from these growths may contaminate living spaces, which is not ideal for those suffering allergies. Preventing duct contamination will help the longevity of your system.

How to Prevent Duct Contamination

  • Use the highest efficiency manufacturer recommended air filter (available from us).
  • Regularly change filters
  • Seal off ducts during building work to avoid dust contamination
  • Vacuum your home regularly to keep your atmosphere dust free.

It is always the best action to consult an accredited air conditioning company and speak to the engineers who will advise on all aspects of your system. We are always happy to advise you and carry out any maintenance and remedial work if you have been the victim of a badly designed and installed air conditioning system. A little bit of forward planning and advice from subject matter experts is always the bet policy for peace of mind. Contact us today and let us help you minimise the costs of air conditioning keeping.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 27th of February, 2013