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Conservatory Heating

Conservatories and orangeries normally lose heat approximately 8 times faster as compared to a standard cavity wall surface. Heat escaping can partially be remedied by twice or multi glazing, and also by using window shades. This all assists since the heat developed during the day time can then be confined for use soon after. Given all this, one always has to consider the heating choices, as not one of them alone will entirely counter the consequences of heat loss, particularly if you are considering using your orangery or conservatory all through the winter.

The issue is what heating choices are accessible and why should you consider one over the other. This content will assist you in this procedure.

Electric Underfloor Heating
It is a very easy approach to heat up your conservatory and over the past few years has exploded in reputation. One of the main benefits is that it is covered, which means you don’t have to bother with floor or wall heaters that can then mess with both the interior design and the living area. In fact, one cannot place furnishings against heaters without encountering other problems.

Water Underfloor Heating
This method is similar to the standard gas boiler and radiator technique almost everyone has in their houses in the United Kingdom. This system heats up tapping into your existing boiler and transferring hot water through plastic water lines hidden beneath your conservatory or orangery flooring.

Conservatory Heaters
Heaters of course can be found in two types, plumbed-in and electrical. The plumbed-in types are great, on condition that the capacity problem is not a concern. Electric types are very useful and work separately of your primary central heating system. They can possibly be convenient or hard wired. The compact range can be very versatile although do not seem as sophisticated as some other options.

The Best Solution

All of the above can do the job, however they are then surplus to requirements in the summer. And no doubt you will also want to be able to cool the conservatory at this time so as to be able to inhabit it without frying! For this reason, the all in one air conditioning unit for both cooling and heating is, without doubt, the best option to heat your conservatory in winter. Having one unit for use all year round means an increase in energy efficiency, saving you money and making less impact on the environment. It also means you will only ever need service and maintenance of one system.

To find out more about heating your conservatory with an air conditioning system, call Sub Zero Climate Control today.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 9th of September, 2011