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Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning systems are the most efficient way of keeping a residence or office at a properly controlled temperature. The difference between a central air conditioning system and a window air conditioning unit is that there are two major component parts for the unit to operate.

Central air conditioners are used as a more efficient way to keep a house or building cool. They are split systems, unlike a window unit. The two sides are known as the hot side and the cold side. The hot side is placed outside the building, while the cold side is placed inside a furnace or another type of air handler. The most important parts of a split system are the compressor, the sets of coils, the expansion valve, and the fan system.

The Hot Side

The hot side of the split system is the visible part that everyone sees, where the compressor is located. The compressor’s job is to compress Freon gas, making it hot and high in pressure. The hot gas then runs though a set of coils so it can dissipate its heat. Once the heat has dissipated, the gas becomes a liquid and is sent to the cold side of the system located in the building.

The Cold Side

Once the liquid Freon comes to the cold side and reaches an expansion valve, it becomes cold, low-pressure Freon gas. The cold gas is then run through another set of coils. The coils become very cold and a fan is used to blow the cold air away from the coils into the building.

Moving Air into the Building

In a building with central air conditioning, a series of air ducts are routed directly to the fan in the furnace that blows the cool air in so that the maximum amount of air can be placed throughout the building. There is also a fan in the hot side system that blows the hot air from the hot coils away from the unit into the atmosphere.

We stock many different models of central air conditioning systems from the major manufacturers and only install those, which are warranted and guaranteed. Our accredited engineers have many years of experience in installing systems of this type and we are happy to come and do a site survey and give you a no obligation quotation completely free of charge.

We take pride in all our installations and have many satisfied residential and commercial clients who have given us testimonials for our efficient working practices and adherence to regulations. We are experienced in handling all refrigerant gases and dispose of them as laid out in legislation. As a one-stop shop for all your air conditioning needs, contact us to find the best solution for you.

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