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Best Conservatory Heater

In and around Yorkshire we’ve installed many heating systems within conservatories and we can tell you that there really is only one type of conservatory heater that you should be using for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Conservatories are considered an essential add-on to the modern home, these days and many new build houses come with one. They are wonderful spaces for spending morning and evening hours, when it is too cold to sit outside. There is a sense of being outdoors inside and the extra daylight in the room is always a welcome bonus in wintertime. Conservatories are adapted for all purposes. Some are just used for relaxing and occasional use; others are used as offices or dining areas and even children’s playrooms.

Many people have higher expectations of their conservatories and are disappointed when their conservatory does not offer the year round accommodation they were expecting. The reason this is not possible with an unheated conservatory is that a conservatory is, by definition, a structure built largely of glass, and glass is very poor at trapping heat. Heat escapes through a single glazed window 15 times faster than through a cavity wall – and through standard double-glazed windows eight times faster.

Therefore, any energy used to heat your conservatory is going to disappear rapidly out through the glass to warm the surrounding cold air. This is not exactly environment friendly but choosing the best conservatory heater will keep you reasonably energy efficient. Most panel radiators or electric heaters suffer with great amounts of heat escape with heat lost every time a door is opened or through seepage as air rises. Under floor heating is efficient but very cost prohibitive although if you use a good absorbent floor tile, solar heat will be retained in the flooring on sunny days. This is one free of charge way of harnessing renewable energy!

The best conservatory heater is a heat pump air conditioner.

Heat pump systems work much more efficiently and save more energy than a traditional heating system. With a heat pump, 1kW of electricity consumption generates 3 to 4kW of heat; in comparison, the traditional heater uses 1 kW of power to generate 1kW of Heat.

The main manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Fujitsu all offer products that are plain, simple and elegant. Some come with LCD displays and complement any space.
The systems can be remote controlled and programmed if desired or a simple switch system is available.

Apart from being the most energy efficient form of conservatory heating these heat pumps have other advantages such as enhancing the air quality of the conservatory meaning you are always breathing filtered clean air.

This heat pump technology is low noise and unobtrusive in the conservatory and in our opinion whichever your choice from our leading manufacturers, we can guarantee you will have the best conservatory heater available and the most energy efficient.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 7th of November, 2012