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Advice on How to Avoid the High Cost of Heating in Winter

Now that winter has caught up with us and we are concentrating on staying warm, our thoughts turn to the cost of heating. Winter is a time to hibernate indoors and our heating systems work hard to keep our homes as cosy as possible. Often this proves to be more expensive than we think, especially in light of continued increases in utility bills.

The answer to saving on your cost of heating is to think about preparing your home for winter. It may be a little late for this winter but there are still things you can do to try to reduce the amount of energy you are using.

Heating in winter can use up to 70% of the total energy used in a household so using energy wisely is essential to make your heating costs stretch further. Here are some tips to help you save on the cost of heating.

Consider Changing Energy Provider

There is a lot of competition in the energy market right now, so do some comparisons on the internet and see how much you can save by switching energy provider. These days the changeover is quite smooth and efficient and you can begin to realise the savings quickly.


A poorly insulated home is an energy inefficient home. Losing heat through windows and the roof space will cost you money you do not have to spend.

The most important place to insulate is the roof space in the attic. Massive amounts of heat can be lost through the roof alone. It is recommended that insulation of a depth no less than ten inches be installed. Insulating hot water tanks and pipes help by keeping hot water heated for longer thus using less energy and saving money. Most hot water tanks are insulated at manufacture but there are still some copper cylinders without insulation. If you have a tank of this type, replace it if you can or use a thick lagging jacket on it to keep heat in.

Check windows and doors for draughts. Keep curtains drawn and use draught excluders around doors. If the window cannot be repaired, it can be sealed with a sealant for the winter months. Double-glazing retains heat well.

Use the Thermostat Wisely

The thermostat can be used to control the amount of heat from your system and a programmed timer will assist in having the heating on at certain hours and regulating the temperature. For instance, you can set the temperature to 70 degrees when you are up and if you use your heating overnight, programme the system to reduce the temperature to 50 degrees. If you feel a little chilly, it is far more economical to put on a sweater rather than increasing the temperature. Most of us think we only need to wear a T-shirt indoors but if you need to nudge the room temperature up a few degrees, it is only adding to your heating costs.

Maintain Your Heating System in Good Condition

Ideally, before the really cold weather hits, you should carry out a few things to maintain your air conditioning heating system so you are using the least amount of energy you can. All of these actions can help save on the cost of heating over the winter months.

  • Book a service with your heating and ventilation engineers who will ensure the system is working to optimum levels.
  • Pay attention to air filters and change them on a regular schedule (usually monthly) as a dirty filter can impact on air flow meaning your system will need to work harder using more valuable energy. Keep one spare in your home maintenance cupboard as they can make a huge difference
  • If you have heating ducts and vents, make sure they are clean and dust free to help your system work more efficiently. This is also good practice as it helps keep the air clean for allergy sufferers and your system free of dust and mould.

Never forget that your professional heating engineers can advise you on how to save energy by assessing your home and advising on solutions for your home. If your heating system is beginning to show its age, you may want to look at the options before the next winter sets in. We can provide the perfect system for you that will keep you warm and cosy and save on heating costs.

Posted in: Latest News - On: 29th of December, 2012