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Are domestic air conditioning systems a waste of money in the UK?

The advantages of residential air conditioningOver the last few years there have been many improvements in design and technology within the air conditioning industry resulting in vast improved energy efficiency, running costs, modern appearance, greater reliability and low impact installation

As an example of energy efficiency improvements here are some stats on how using domestic Air Conditioning to heat or cool a UK home will save you money. Whether it’s to heat your whole home or just a single room in a dwelling, when buying one kilowatt of electricity you receive one kilowatt of heat in return through an electric heater. If you buy one kilowatt of electricity to power your house’s air conditioning unit you will get 3.50 kilowatts of heating, thus making homes with domestic air conditioning 3.5 times more efficient than homes warmed with an electric heater.

The figures of domestic air conditioning systems also compare favourably with Gas Central Heating with the later having an output of 2.75 kilowatts, which shows that heating your home with air conditioning units is the most cost effective method around today.

You can also regulate the temperature of a room far easier with domestic air conditioning systems as oppose to any other method. When setting a temperature on the air con system controls this temperature is maintained without fluctuating up or down before the heating or cooling system kicks in again like other systems.

The modern digital displays on residential air conditioning systems allows you to clearly see what the current temperature setting is and also easily change to a new desired temperature if you wish.

Other advantages of Domestic Air Con Systems

Here are a couple of other advantages of using air conditioning systems to heat and cool your home. These advantages will be especially important to the elderly, people in poor health or children who are all more susceptible to temperature variations.

Dehumidifying – Water found in the air allows the growth of bugs and mould which has been found to hinder breathing during hot months. Dehumidifiers remove the excess water from the environment, thus promoting better health and will reduce long term maintenance costs.

Cleaning and ventilation Open windows don’t just release internal stagnant air, but also invite in harmful pollutants such as vehicle fumes and factory emissions. Our systems remove and refresh internal air while filtering external air to provide a clean living environment. This air con ventilation is ideal for city houses or apartments and people who suffer from common allergies such as pollen or dust.

Domestic air conditioning summary

In summary domestic AC systems are definitely not a waste of money and can also save your household money as well as improving your daily quality of life. Air conditioning for UK homes is on the rise as more people become aware of the benefits and its cost effectiveness.

Sub Zero Climate Control and Domestic Installations

Sub Zero Climate Control are specialists in all aspects of air conditioning and have seen a rise in popularity of UK domestic air conditioning system installations in recent years. For this reason Sub Zero Climate Control has invested vast amounts of time and resources into sourcing the most efficient air con units for domestic installations. This has resulted in Sub Zero Climate Control becoming a leader in Yorkshire domestic air conditioning installations including areas such as Sheffield, Barnsley, Leeds, Rotherham, York, Doncaster and the whole Yorkshire region.

Posted in: Domestic Air Con Solutions - On: 14th of August, 2013