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Air Conditioning Services in Doncaster

As we are driving around in South Yorkshire servicing all of the air conditioning customers we have and installing new air conditioning systems, we at Sub Zero Climate Control get to know different areas quite well and Doncaster is no exception. This is one of perks of being on the road and means we are familiar with all of the major South Yorkshire locations.

Doncaster dates back to Roman times and when the Romans left, the Saxons took over the original Roman fort and built a village there – the first proper settlement. The Saxons added the word “ceister” to “Don” making the latter day “Doncaster”. During Roman Times, the town was home to a very significant Roman horse garrison.

By the 12th century it was a bustling busy little town and slowly grew until the 16th and 17th centuries when it was plagued by plague! There are recorded outbreaks of plague in Doncaster in 1562, 1582, 1583, 1604 and 1606. Plague decimated many towns but it did not seem to affect Doncaster as badly whether because the people were hardier nobody knows but Doncaster recovered every time after the plague outbreaks.

Doncaster is a town to rival any today. It has increased considerably in size from humble beginnings started by the Romans and Saxons. It now boasts an international airport and a population of around 300,000. The convenient location of Doncaster and excellent transport links make it a large business and commercial centre. Doncaster played an important role in the Industrial Revolution as did other parts of South Yorkshire and this contributed to a population boom at the time.

When the railways came to Doncaster and the town continued to grow in stature and civic pride. Doncaster is home to some of Great Britain’s most famous steam engines. The most iconic steam engine in the world “The Flying Scotsman” was built in Doncaster the very first vehicle of any kind in the world to reach a hundred miles an hour. This places Doncaster as part of the legacy of the great age of steam and is testament to the engineering skills of the day for which the north of England is famed.

Doncaster’s other claim to fame is the famous St Leger horse race. This horse race is older than the Epsom Derby and is one of the very special events that give Doncaster a unique place amongst British towns and cities. Horse racing began in Doncaster during the time of King Richard I in the 12th century, and races have been regularly held there since 1703. The St. Leger was first held in 1778, and has been run every year since. The hustle and bustle of this famous horse race brings many visitors to the town’s well-known racecourse and is a local event well worth seeing.

So whether it is an air conditioning system you wish to discuss or our recommendation for a restaurant in Doncaster – give us a call we would be happy to talk to you!

Posted in: Latest News - On: 10th of July, 2012